A panorama is either an image cropped to an elongated rectangle, or it’s an image comprised of two or more pictures stitched together to create a wider (or taller) image.

Lifting mist at Piney Creek – Complete with a heron.

View from the lake.

Day Two – Piney Creek lakeside vistas. I never tire of the play of light on the trees here. +2

Storm clouds over Ozark – checking on the radar, the storm was nine miles away over Ozark.

And very tall trees too.

Trees, trees, and more trees.

Nothing but trees – Camped in Mark Twain National Forest, it was a wonderful morning in a rejuvenating spot.

Dry creek bed – So much of my hope for finding water on the eastern side of the loop. +1

Heading up towards Whites Creek Cave – the trail is narrow and the drop-off steep. It appears that most people miss where the trail turns left up the hill to the cave.

Whites Creek at the Whites Creek Float Camp – Whites Creek Float Camp looks to be abandoned, but I’m guessing it is just showing a lack of TLC brought on by a year of neglect because of COVID-19. +2

Eleven Point (Wild and Scenic) River – This is pretty much the only overlook in the entire 20-mile Whites Creek Trail. The trail here is very narrow and rough with a 100+ft. drop-off on one side. +1

Bliss Spring – Panorama

The two springs at Bliss Spring, Irish Wilderness, Missouri.

The Pilots – Seen from the Coy Bald Trail.

“Blazes? We don’t need no stinking blazes.” I have no idea. They are everywhere.

Camped above Little Paddy Creek – Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Three. +1

View from the Slabtown Overlook – Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Two. +5

Camped in ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ – I’ve not camped in this spot for a while. Recently I’ve been bushwhacking further down the hollow where the sides are not quite so steep. But the views here are much nicer, and I like the little rock-shelf tables I can use as mini kitchen tables. 4 pictures

Camp life (cont.) – Heating some water on my Fancee Feest cat-can alcohol stove. I was being lazy, and couldn’t be bothered to light the woodstove just to heat up some hot dogs and boil water for a cup of tea. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. 2 pictures

Table Rock Lake from the water’s edge. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. 2 pictures

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