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View from the bluffs overlooking Beaver Creek at Hercules Glades. Video & 2 pictures

A Quick Diversion Off-Trail – I had hoped that there would be more water running over these stepped falls, but this is what there was.

Winter sunset, Long Creek, Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Winter Sunset, Long Creek, Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Photograph of Fallingwater. Bear Run, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, taken from the bridge over Bear Run.

Fallingwater — Frank Lloyd Wright. The view on the opposite side of the bridge over Bear Run 2 pictures

Cold War Era Gallery of the National Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton Ohio. 17 pictures

Woods Fork – Panorama

The Confluence of Brushy Creek and ‘Cab Creek’

Langstone Harbour from the locks – Lock entrance wall. 2 pictures

Portsmouth From Fort Widley – A cold wet and windy Tuesday evening. 2 pictures

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