Pictures taken during outdoors activities, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, sailing etc.

Another empty trailhead parking lot…Means another backpacking trip – Pines View Trailhead, Piney Creek Wilderness. I’m about to start on a three day – two-night relaxing stay by the lakeside.

The Hunchback of Hercules – While hiking west on the Pilot (Tower) Trail to the bluffs I was caught by a thunderstorm. Finally a real chance to try out my rain poncho! It worked fine, but with the temperatures up in the mid eighties it was hot and humid with it on. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Gary Allman resting on the Long Creek Trail at Hercules Glades, Missouri.

Taking a break – Catching my breath on the long climb back up to the tower.

Eight Creek Crossings – Just for fun I thought I’d take a picture of each creek crossing I made. 8 pictures

Looking up Long Creek – Long Creek, Hercules Glades.

Long Creek, Hercules Glades.

Lunch Break at The Falls – Gary and The Falls on Long Creek at Hercules Glades – And no, I wasn’t tempted to take another shower. 6 pictures

The Falls on Long Creek at Hercules Glades 3 pictures

Abandoned Building at Rock Spring. 3 pictures

Photograph of Gary Allman at the Rock Spring (Long Creek) and Devil's Den West (Lower Pilot) Trails at Hercules Glades Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest. March 2019.

About to get started on Day 2.

Camped in the Devil’s Den. Video: 21 seconds & 5 pictures

Twin Falls at Hercules Glades. Video: 13 seconds

He didn’t, did he? – Yes I did. I decided that it was one of those things that if I didn’t do it, I’d regret it later. 2 pictures

Twin Falls. I discovered these twin 20′ falls on an intermittent creek at Hercules Glades Wilderness. 3 pictures

Start of the “Wet Feet Hike” – I was expecting to start this trip in the rain, but the rain didn’t materialize until the evening. 6 pictures

Wet Feet Hike – The full write up of my recent hike. I was determined to get out on a couple of free days no matter what the weather was. The forecast was for rain and as it had been raining a lot the past few days I was expecting the trails to be wet. Trip write-up: 16-minute read, 48 pictures

The End is in Sight – Not quite as nice a view as the earlier views to the east and west, but I always like this because the end of the hike (at the tower) is in sight. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

I Never Tire Of This View – View from the glades looking northwest.

A Quick Diversion Off-Trail – I had hoped that there would be more water running over these stepped falls, but this is what there was.

At the Cab – A quick selfie with the cab as I start the final lap of my trip.

Another Frosty Night – It dropped to 23°F (-5°C). Camped near ‘Cab Creek’. 2 pictures

Small Falls on ‘Cab Creek’ – These falls might be small, but they were making a lot of noise.

About to start part two of my ‘Four Days, Three Nights, Two Wildernesses’ hike.

One down and one to go – This isn’t an ordinary trip. I wanted to get a few more miles under my belt, so I came up with the idea for my ‘Four Days, Three Nights, Two Wildernesses’ hike. Here I am back at the trailhead at the end of the first part. 2 pictures

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