Nikon D7000

That’s all.

Color photograph of Gary Allman taken on December 21, 2011

Another late night (365:354).

Cat and mouse (365:353) – Sprinky decided to fall asleep on my EfM lesson notes.

Ginger puts a smile on my face (365:352) – I checked my eyes; unfortunately you can’t see what she was doing.

Gary eats a Tie fighter (cookie)

And swiftly dispatches Daft Cookie-Monster in the process Actually it’s the ‘H’ from Christmas; Lanie made some Christmas cookies tonight.

I promised some pictures of the sparkles (when the sun finally came out again) When we reorganised our office area Ginger put lots of glass and crystal beads in the windows. However, there was a problem, getting sparkles like this all over my monitors required the installation of the ‘anti-sparkle screen’.

Gary Allman checking his EFM Coursework

Ginger dropped me off early at church tonight. I used the extra time to sit in the classroom and go over my coursework.

An afternoon in bed (365:348) – I thought I was feeling better, Unfortunately not.

The erratic focusing on the camera is starting to annoy me The camera software tells me the camera focused on my chest. So why is my hand in the primary focus zone? Sigh. I can’t wait to get this project finished and run some detailed focus tests.

Ginger said this picture is me. It must be the slight smile.

Apple, cheese and crackers (365:345).

Gary, Tubby and Sprinky (365:344) – Half past eleven and I’m still at my desk.

This was going to be a picture of me and the anti-sparkle shield (365:342) – but I didn’t like that shot.

Day 341 (365:341) – Oh dear another at the desk picture.

Not so good (365:340) – I’m not very well, let’s hope I get better quickly. Last time it took me six months to recover – not a prospect I want to consider.

Washer repair man (365:339) – Turns out the water on the laundry floor wasn’t a backing up drain after all.

Tinted Black and White Photograph of Gary Allman, Springfield, Missouri

This seemed like a good idea at the time (365:338).

FUTAB with a beer (365:336) – (Feet up and take a break).

Yay! Only thirty days of this project to go! Beard trim and course work today followed by EfM tonight

Last day of Movember (365:334) – Good, I’m getting tired of this messy beard and tash. If I don’t trim it I’ll get mistaken for Father Christmas (Another day spent moving files and installing software).

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