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Nikon D7000

Is the Art in the Photograph or the Processing? TLDR: Both. Four-minute read, 23 pictures

The End of an Era. Fujifilm X-E2s and Nikon D7000 – Today I retire my DLSR, and say welcome to my new Fujifilm X-E2s mirrorless camera. Five-minute read

Monster School Bus – I’m guessing (and hoping) that this bus has something to do with the St. Patrick’s Day parade due to take place in Lexington later in the day. 3 pictures

Hand-made bolt-down steel gun safe.

Jim made me this wonderful ‘bolt-down” gun safe for Christmas. Plenty of room in there for all the ammo I received too.

Clue: The Musical – Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet 8 Pictures

Fall at Pomme de Terre Lake, Missouri – The Fall color has really come along the past couple of weeks. 3 pictures

We get a lot of rentals. I use them in my work for the diocese. It makes sense as the cost of the rental & gas is less than paying me the federal tax mileage rate – and there’s no wear and tear on our van. Ginger uses rentals when she has business trips – …

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John was kind enough to invite me sailing again. A gentle 4-7 mph breeze was predicted and, for the first part of our sail, that’s what we got. As the day went on the wind become increasingly fickle and we ended up drifting around a bit. Well, that’s my excuse for the GPS track. Looking …

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Beretta PX4 Storm Compact with slide back on a splatter target

Another trip to the range You’d think all I do is go shooting. Not so. Well, apart from sitting at my desk working, watching Marvel’s ‘Agents of Shield’ and some occasional yard work, I guess right now it is. Unless I manage some spectacular results at the range, this is going to be the last …

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First sail of the season and for a change there was some wind John invited me to join him for his first sail of the season. The end of June sounds a bit late for getting in the first sail, but John said that the horrendously wet and miserable weather we’ve been having this year …

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As it was Lanie’s birthday this week I couldn’t let her escape my sweeping up of old pictures

Short Hike at Busiek. 14 pictures

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