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Late night stand-by (365:091)

Parallel Guide (365:090)

That’s it for today (365:089) – The problem with going away is processing all the pictures and writing it up when I get back. Still, I’m all caught up now and it’s all up and posted. I have to admit the last hour or so was wasted looking dumbly at the screen; I didn’t take anything in.

I spent too much time at the computer today.

Lunch break in the old barn on the Sac River Trail (365:087). Ginger has this habit of distracting me. 2 pictures

Changing the headlamp (365:086). One-minute read

Final preparations (365:077) – Today we did a lot of running around. 3 pictures

Gary checking the tyre pressure (365:076) – I had a busy day planned, and so it turned out. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Petting Sprinky (365:075) One-minute read.

Annual Accounts (365:073) – Today the procrastination ended. After a slowish start, I spent most of the day working on my business accounts. 2 pictures

Self Portrait at Natalie Anne’s Christening (365:072) – This morning I was temporarily a Lutheran. 5 pictures

Drinking a beer at Tom & Rebbie’s (365:071) – I spent most of the day variously doing my accounts and studiously avoiding doing my accounts. Fortunately I had an even better distraction this evening, as we’d been invited to spend the evening with Tom, Rebbie, Dash and Leslie.

New tent (365:70) – Today we set up our latest tent in the backyard. One-minute read. 2 pictures

Gary crossing Woods Fork at Busiek (365:069) – Time for another hike. We’re getting ready for a longer backpacking trip, so we need to get in as much hiking as we can in preparation for several days of carrying our packs. One-minute read, 6 pictures

Price Cutter parking lot (365:068) – Today the van broke down.Two-minute read

Pancake supper at Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield Missouri (365:067). 9 pictures

Lunch at Busiek (365:066) – Today we went on a re-run of last week’s hike at Busiek. +4

Doing the dishes (365:065) – A fairly typical Sunday. Up at Seven, in church by half eight, and back out around eleven forty or so. We stopped to do some grocery shopping on the way home, and by one pm it was Sunday nap time (and yes that is frequently an euphemism). I didn’t surface until gone five, it was a tiring week. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Late night browsing (365:064) – Today was a lazy Saturday. It was cold outside so we spent the day lounging around in the warm.

Jim and Carol were in town early today. Last Sunday we drove past Aunt Martha’s coming back from installing the house sign and Jim said he’d never been there. When we learned they had to be in Springfield early today we told then not to eat a hearty breakfast before coming, and took them to …

Breakfast at Aunt Martha’s Pancake House (365:063) Read More »

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