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Easter Sunday. Up early, church, home, long afternoon nap, computer, and finally, dirty martinis. A sloppy picture deserves a faux Lomo effect.

I managed around three hour’s sleep, which I guess isn’t too bad. I was up at seven fifteen and helping out with breakfast. Before the end of the lock-in we held a short service in the church, and left for home at ten am. Instead of getting a nap, we went shopping, I spent some …

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at lock-ins (365:113) Read More »

2.25am Youth group lock-in (365:112) – I was foolish enough to volunteer to chaperon at tonight’s Youth Group lock-in. One-minute read

Slideshow (365:111)

Once again I had a plan. Once again, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Tonight I had a boys’ night out while the kids were at Youth Group. I was going to take advantage of this and grab my picture with the guys at Ebbets Bar. Unfortunately, there was an ‘event’ at Ebbets, so we went …

Late night self portrait at the kitchen table (365:110) Read More »

Today we went on a short, three mile hike on the silver trail at Busiek. 7 pictures

Gary by the Little Sac River (365:108) – Today I went on a short hike, it may have been short, but it made up for it with the need to bushwhack and climb over and under things. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Beauty and the (out of focus) beast (365:106) – I had a self portrait planned for today. It involved putting the camera on the tripod, gathering the family, and taking a picture with Dash and Leslie. The plan was fine, the execution impossible, I was just too busy taking the wedding pictures to fit it in. I’m lucky I got one at all, as I took two shots and this is the fairly heavily edited best of the pair.

Batch-loaded, inverted down-draft gassifier wood stove (365:105) – I spent some more time in the workshop today. One-minute read

It’s Thursday and this isn’t a picture of me studying. Just a quick picture of my cut hair on the floor, before I settled down studying for the day. At class this evening we took some time out to go down to the hospital to see our classmate John.

Laying down in my kayak isn’t too difficult (365:103) – On the other hand, getting up again is quite a struggle. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Running repairs (365:102) – Today Tom and I went fishing on Stockton Lake. One-minute read

Fishing (365:101) – Today I went fishing with Tom on Table Rock Lake. Video: 1 minute. 3 pictures.

Today we didn’t get finished at Church until just before twelve. So here it is, an end of the day, late night self portrait. Tomorrow I’m off fishing with Tom; should be fun!

Meh (365:099) +2

Gary and Ginger on a run ashore (365:098) +4

My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097) – Thursday keeps on coming around every week.

Reconnoiter (365:096) – In ten days time I’ve got to do a photo shoot. This afternoon Ginger and I spent some time on location checking the light and looking for suitable picture opportunities. What happens will all depend on the weather on the day. One-minute read, +2

Trying out my new sleeping bag (365:094) – Technically speaking its a quilt and not a sleeping bag, however, the the net result is the same. I found a nice summer weight bag at 40% off retail price, hopefully it should be good for temperatures from 40°F up. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Family hike (365:093) 4 pictures

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