New Camera — Fujiflm X-E3

My new Fujifilm X-E3 camera arrived this afternoon.

Fujifilm X-E2s

Fujifilm X-E2s.

Is the Art in the Photograph or the Processing?

Is the Art in the Photograph or the Processing? TLDR: Both. Four-minute read, 23 pictures

Sweet Dreams Getzger

Sweet dreams Getzger. Goodbye Mr. Cat.

The End of an Era. Fujifilm X-E2s and Nikon D7000

The End of an Era. Fujifilm X-E2s and Nikon D7000 – Today I retire my DLSR, and say welcome to my new Fujifilm X-E2s mirrorless camera. Five-minute read

Do You Know Pete Best?

Do You Know Pete Best? — A chance meeting with locals looking for directions on a remote Ozarks farm road. Two-minute read

Saké (365:129)

Saké (365:129) – This might be one of the last pictures taken on my Nikon. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Lighting test (365:128)

Lighting test (365:128) – One word adequately summarizes my day – Meh. One-minute read, 6 pictures

EFM Retreat (365:127)

EFM Retreat (365:127) – This week’s EFM class was held on a Saturday,so we got out of the classroom and spent the day in a cabin by the river. It was very nice to sit in the screened porch going through the lessons and exercises; a day of good company, conversation, discussions, food, and coffee. One-minute read

Studying with cats (365:126)

Studying with cats (365:126) – This week I did my studying on a Friday. One-minute read, 3 pictures

At the High School Orchestra concert (365:125)

At the High School Orchestra concert (365:125) – I give up, I forget what I did today. I know what I should have been doing, but I can’t remember what it was I did. 4 pictures

Crossing Camp Creek (365:124)

Crossing Camp Creek (365:124) – Today we hiked the white and orange trails at Busiek. 8 pictures

Making huaraches (365:123)

Making huaraches (365:123) – I meant to make a to-do list today. So I ended up doing all sorts of things that didn’t really need doing, and missing out on things I should be doing. Oh well. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Drawing (365:122)

Tonight I was working on the design of my next backpacking wood burner. Today after posting a couple of pictures I sat down at my desk and got on with some (paid) work for a change. My efforts were put on hold while Ginger’s parents came visiting, and again for the afternoon school run. By…

Silliness on the Sac River Trail (365:120)

The real picture’s in the background. Ginger, Katie and I put in a four-mile hike on the Sac River trail today. I was expecting the trail to be very muddy but it turned out to be surprisingly dry. During a brief stop I thought I’d grab a quick safety shot. I had an idea in…

Gary and Ginger watch the running commentary on the Royal Wedding on Facebook (365:119)

Gary and Ginger watch the running commentary on the Royal Wedding on Facebook (365:119) – And it was absolutely hilarious. One-minute read

Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118)

Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118) – Ginger returned from the school run with tidings of yard sales, not just any yard sale, but a church yard sale, so off we went. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Compressor coupling (365:117)

Compressor coupling (365:117) – Tyres do not stay inflated around here. Two-minute read

Bedtime (365:116)

Bedtime (365:116). One-minute read

Easter Eggs (365:115)

Saturday and Sunday Lanie made coloured Easter Eggs. I was going to take a picture of them yesterday, but that would have involved moving the van out of the garage which doubles as my workshop and a sort of studio when needed. It’s been raining almost non-stop for two days, we’ve had over five inches…

Dirty Martini (365:114)

Easter Sunday. Up early, church, home, long afternoon nap, computer, and finally, dirty martinis. A sloppy picture deserves a faux Lomo effect.

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at lock-ins (365:113)

I managed around three hour’s sleep, which I guess isn’t too bad. I was up at seven fifteen and helping out with breakfast. Before the end of the lock-in we held a short service in the church, and left for home at ten am. Instead of getting a nap, we went shopping, I spent some…

2.25am Youth group lock-in (365:112)

2.25am Youth group lock-in (365:112) – I was foolish enough to volunteer to chaperon at tonight’s Youth Group lock-in. One-minute read

Slideshow (365:111)

Slideshow (365:111)

Late night self portrait at the kitchen table (365:110)

Once again I had a plan. Once again, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Tonight I had a boys’ night out while the kids were at Youth Group. I was going to take advantage of this and grab my picture with the guys at Ebbets Bar. Unfortunately, there was an ‘event’ at Ebbets, so we went…