Day Three – Feet up, enjoying the Campfire. +1

Late-night visitor – who is this then? +2

Day Two Campfire.

My lakeside camp at night – I love this spot.

Settled in for the night – somehow, despite arriving in daylight, I ended up setting up my hammock in the dark (again).

Setting up camp at dusk – The sky is so light because the nearly full moon has already risen.

Campfire. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. 3 pictures

All lit up – Day One, Hercules Glades, Pees Hollow Trail.

Ginger’s studio at night.

Blue bottle tree with lights.

Campfire under the overhang. 2 pictures

Tending the campfire. 4 pictures

Austin, Texas at night from the Colorado River

Austin, Texas at night from the Colorado River

I missed the full ‘Supermoon’, it was cloudy. I thought I’d try and capture it the following night. 3 pictures

Color, night photograph of an oil lamp, leather bound journal and a cold drink

Evening Pleasures – An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke. All by the chiminea. +2

Guy Fawkes Night – Tonight the Guy Lanie made in 2009 finally met his fiery doom. 6 pictures

Saturday night youth lock-out followed by a Sunday morning service and picnic at Camp Shawio. 32 pictures

Photograph of Lanie, Gary and Ginger Allman sitting in the backyard lit by the orange glow of a chiminea

We both have had long days at the computer recently, so the idea of sitting out in the back yard burning off a few of our deadfall limbs and twigs was a welcome diversion.

Ginger spotted this picture which worked very well. We probably should’ve put more water in the Platy.

Gary and Lanie tending the campfire – Photo by Ginger.

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