Storm clouds over Ozark

Storm clouds over Ozark – checking on the radar, the storm was nine miles away over Ozark.

Ginger – Breakfast at Denny’s

Ginger – Breakfast at Denny’s.

Twin Falls at Hercules Glades

Twin Falls at Hercules Glades. Video: 13 seconds

Self and Sky

Self and Sky. Resting in the wilderness.

Anticrepuscular Rays

Anticrepuscular Rays.

Back Yard Hammock Testing. Zzzzzzzz

Back Yard Hammock Testing. Zzzzzzzz. +1

Gary Field Testing The Peak Design Capture Pro

Gary Field Testing The Peak Design Capture Pro

Gary vs The Drier (Again)

Gary vs The Drier (Again)There was a blue flash and a bang, and the drier stopped working. +1

Family Barbeque

Family Barbeque. Blended families produce large extended families. And that’s great! Today we were gathered for a barbeque for Mikki and Kyoka who arrived early this morning from Japan.

My watch strap is loose

I say it is because I’ve lost weight. My wonderful wife says I’m retaining less water. I prefer my version.

My View From the Hammock

My View From the Hammock – We did some yard work this morning. Afterwards, I indulged in a few minutes in the hammock.

Too Many Cat Pictures

Too Many Cat Pictures – The trouble is the cats are a constant source of amusement – so you cannot ignore them, or their strange foibles (and furballs). 5 pictures

Sleepy Tubby Dreaming of Birds

Ginger lent Tubby her phone and Tubby wore himself out trying to watch bird videos. It’s tough being a half blind, half deaf cat.

Getzger waiting for shower time

Getzger waiting for shower time – Mr. Cat has been giving a very good impression of settling onto the ‘final glide-path’ this past couple of days. It was good to see him show an interest in joining me for a shower.

Fall Has Arrived

I would much rather be outside kicking through the leaves than sitting at my desk. Fall has finally arrived at the tree outside my office window.