mist and fog

Through the veil – It’s taken me a while to see the potential in this picture. I like this alternate treatment of the image.

Lifting mist at Piney Creek – Complete with a heron.

Misty Morning at Piney Creek. It was worth all the heat and bug bites just for the magical few minutes watching the mist evaporate. +2

Mist on Table Rock Lake.

Through the veil – looking across the lake, the mist was lifting.

Day Four – Misty campsite – I’m used to seeing fog and mist on the lake here, but today’s mist was extra thick. So thick that at first I couldn’t see across the lake. +1

Morning mist on Table Rock Lake – I wasn’t totally surprised to find mist drifting down from Piney Creek when I woke up. I ‘d seen the same thing happen in much colder conditions in January. I checked the water temperature and it was still warm(-ish) so I had a swim. Who could tun down such an opportunity? Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Three. 2 pictures

This was our view of Truman lake first thing Saturday morning. Wonderful. Ginger got a better picture of this, but I’m quite happy with this image.

inflatables on South Parade Pier Southsea, Hampshire UK.

Floating – Disconnected from the main buildings and the shore, the pier seemed to float in the mist.

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