Mary Hollow Trail

Icicles on the Mary Hollow Trail — not huge, but I’ll take it as a sign of how cold it has been.

Looking up ‘Camp Hollow,’ the hike out, and more horses – It took me an hour to get to this spot, about two-and-a-half miles from McGarr Spring. I’ve named this hollow ‘Camp Hollow’ because, surprise, surprise, I’ve camped here a couple of times.

Hiking (bushwhacking) the western end of the Mary Hollow Trail. 7 pictures

Sycamores in Mary Hollow – Having finished lunch, I packed up and hiked the last part of the McGarr Spring Trail back to Mary Hollow. Emerging into Mary Hollow these brightly lit sycamore trees caught my eye.

Mary Hollow Trail – I liked the colors and light.

The trails of the Ozarks are starting to look similar. 2 pictures

Devil's Backbone Wilderness. Mary Hollow to the left, and an unnamed hollow to the right.

Nemesis – Mary Hollow to the left, and the unnamed hollow I followed on my last visit to the right.

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