Mark Twain National Forest

Irish Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest – I’ve been planing this trip for a while. One-minute read

Camp Five Pond Notice Board and hitching post. +1

Irish Wilderness – I’m running out of wildernesses to visit in Missouri. Irish Wilderness, so named after a group of Irish immigrants who lived in the area. The settlement was destroyed and abandoned during the American Civil War.

Hollow – Just a typical Ozarks hollow. But, not just a typical picture. I decided to take a stereo pair. If you can manage to get your eyes to merge the two pictures, you can see it in glorious 3D. +1

Going up – When Ginger and I hiked this trail in 2011, we had to walk along the road from Brazil Creek Campground to where the eastern loop hits the road. Not this time. Either we missed the trail I used to get here, or it’s a new addition. One-minute read

Photograph showing trail erosion on the Berryman Trail, Missouri (December 2020).

Trail Erosion – Not the worst I’ve seen, the trail erosion at Hercules Glades is much worse, but it shows what years of use can do.

Thong Tree (Trail Marker Tree)? Ginger’s opinion is that it is not old enough, and I’d have to agree. But, it is on the line of an obvious old trail that crosses the Berryman trail. One-minute read

Floyd Tower Rd. – This is the point where the Berryman Trail crosses Floyd Tower Rd. I didn’t see or hear any traffic. +1

On the Berryman Trail.

Late Fall in the Ozarks. Berryman Trail – Day One. December 2020.

Hammock camping near Table Rock Lake, Piney Creek Wilderness.

Hammock Camping By Table Rock Lake – My plan was simple. Hike down to the lake, set up camp, sit here for a day and then hike back out. 5 pictures

Sunset at Table Rock Lake.

Back at the Lake – I’ve not been here since July. It’s good to be back.

Last Leg to the Lake – It opens up into a flood plain. Easy going in the winter. Not so easy in the summer. 3 pictures

Crossing Piney Creek – I crossed the creek around five times… 2 pictures

Feeder Creek on the Tower Trail (Hollow route). One-minute read, 2 pictures

Fall In The Forest – Hercules Glades. 3 pictures

Photograph of the Piney Creek Arm of Table Rock Lake, Piney Creek Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest

Three Days Summer Backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness. I decided to take on my aversion to summer backpacking, face the heat, and see if I could get some wilderness rest and recuperation. Trip write-up: Eight-minute read. 49 pictures

Photograph of the 2017 total solar eclipse seen through the trees of the Mark Twain National Forest near the Berryman / Ozark trail in MIssouri

2017 Total Solar Eclipse Backpacking Trip – Our plans for viewing the eclipse were to go backpacking and watch the eclipse from the Mark Twain National Forest Trip write-up: Ten-minute read, 17 pictures

Coleman Tent, Gazebo, and minivan at a campsite at Berryman Trail and Campground - Mark Twain National Forest

Independence Day camping 2010 at Berryman Trail and Campground 9 pictures

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