Mark Twain National Forest

State Highway CC Trailhead, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri. +2

Another view of the North Fork River – I took this picture because it seemed to be pretty much where I took a picture the last time I hiked this trail. +1

The trail here is not for the faint-hearted – Not only is the drop-off steep but so is the trail. It drops 300ft in three-tenths of a mile. I don’t think I’d like to hike this trail clockwise and have to climb up it.

Selfie on the bluffs overlooking the North Fork River – Being so high up, I checked for cell service, and immediately received some messages on WhatsApp from my daughter-in-law in the UK. So I took a quick selfie to show the folks where I was. I still forget to look at the darned lens when I’m taking a selfie with my phone.

The forecast lied … Not only did it rain overnight, but the temperature was a lot lower than the forecast at 30℉.

Camped near the Ridge Runner / Ozark Trail – I last camped near here in May 2021 on my first hike of the North Fork loop of the Ridge Runner Trail. Then the leaves were out, it was warm, and I deliberately missed a large section of the trail in order to explore Steam Mill Hollow. Two-minute read, +3

Back to the start and some notes – From here there is just a short thirty-minute hike, south, down the Ozark Trail to get back to the trailhead. That’s it, trip over, though there’s still the two-hour drive home to complete.

Ready for the trail – Don’t come to me for outdoor fashion guidance. I hike to my own tune!

The view from my chair – Stereo image.

And very tall trees too.

Trees, trees, and more trees.

Lunch break, and I’m showing a bit too much thigh – I had a choice of routes to take today. The short route takes the North Fork Loop east back to the Ozark Trail, where I could get back to the trailhead. The longer route goes south, and into the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness, and returns to Highway CC via the McGarr Ridge Trail. One-minute read

Day Three – Back on the North Fork Loop Trail

Nothing but trees – Camped in Mark Twain National Forest, it was a wonderful morning in a rejuvenating spot.


Hammock Camping. +2

Stereo Image – Just Trees – It’s difficult to see the trees for the woods in a normal forest photograph, you need your full 3D vision to be able to separate things.

Eight O’Clock and I’m finally camped for the night

Glimpse – A glimpse of the sky, and the river can just be seen through the leaves. +2

Steam Mill Creek Crossing – This is where the main North Fork Loop Trail crosses the creek in Steam Mill Hollow. One-minute read

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