Garage Project – Just about done – For now… I’ve been tinkering with finishing this project for a few weeks now. It’s slowly getting there. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

Garage Project – Open sez-a-me. The doors are now fitted, and that’s all the main construction work complete. One-minute read, 6 pictures

Garage Project – Main storage area and the overhead shelving. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Garage Project – Ready to start building the main storage area. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Garage Project – The shop vac and compressor now have a new home. One-minute read, 2 pictures

D’oh! In a repeat of the dishwasher dying right after I spent money on a new hammock … The freezer died tonight, less than a week after we laid down the cash on our new furniture.

Late Night Cleaning and Polishing. I first cleaned these brass ornaments, belonging to my mother when I was 4-5 years old. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Photograph of a disassembled Sig Sauer P238 handgun.

Greater love has no step-father than this: – With 20°F temps outside, today was just the sort of day to do some therapeutic cleaning and oiling of Katie’s Sig Sauer P238. Two-minute read, 4 pictures

There was a blue flash and a bang, and the drier stopped working. 2 pictures

Photograph of a garage workshop featuring a fold-down workbench

I’ve been kept busy with a couple of projects in the workshop this week Two-minute read, 4 pictures

Beretta PX4 Storm compact handgun

Routine Cleaning – Cleaning and fixing things was not quite my plan for the day, but that is what I ended up doing. 2 pictures

Yard Work and Ceramic Fish – We cleared a bunch of yard work today. I borrowed Tom’s pole saw and cleared a load of limbs. Then I fixed the privacy fence on the deck and put up the last of the fish (somehow I’d left one in my desk drawer when I hung up the others). I wonder if my sister remembers giving me these fish, That was a long time ago, possibly over ten years. 2 pictures

Washer Transmission

However, there is bound to be a re-match later. This is what $250 of washing machine parts looks like. I can highly recommend, not just for the very fast service (and inexpensive delivery charges), but also for the videos – though they do make it look too easy to do and in this case …

Washer Repairs (Part II): Gary: 1. Washer: 0. Read More »

Thursday night the washer started smoking. Obviously that’s not a habit to be encouraged, so I took a quick look and determined that the transmission support bearing had broken up. Today I stripped the washer down, removed the transmission and ‘rescued’ these loose bits of bearing I found littering the inside of the washer. Now …

Washer Repairs (Part I) Read More »

Gary takes a break from other duties to repair the washing machine (365:206).

Gary checking the tyre pressure (365:076) – I had a busy day planned, and so it turned out. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn't enough. By Gary Allman

Sometimes one pair of glasses just isn’t enough. (365:038) – Not an easy task for the optically challenged. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman using a nail gun to rpair a kitchen drawer.

Repairing a kitchen drawer – Today I repaired a kitchen drawer and in the process learned two valuable safety lessons.

Today I made a start on the new shelves for the garage.

Another pile of wood means… The start of Stage III of the Garage Remodel. We have to replace the window and frame too.

My new shelves all finished. 3 pictures

End of Day One – Almost Finished. 3 Pictures

Tra-la! – The almost completed workbench, Just the pegboard, and some more shelves to add and it is finished. 4 pictures

Glued and screwed – and checking if the bench legs fit as planned – they did. 2 pictures

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