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Maine Coon

Sweet Dreams Sprinky – Today we said goodbye to Sprinkles. [1 picture]

Ginger & Sprinky – When you can’t get any work done because your cat likes Bach’s Cello Suites as much as you do… [30 sec. Video]

Leaf Me Alone. Sprinkles enjoying the sun in the backyard. [3 pictures]

Meanwhile, here are some kitties – Life got busy, and things like processing and posting pictures have had to take a back seat. So, in the meantime here are some cuuute kitties. [3 pictures]

Sprinky – Nothing is out of bounds. [2 pictures]

Desk-buddy – Yesterday I thought Sprinky had finally grown tired of laying on my desk, but no, here she stays, pretty much 24 x 7. [6 pictures]

This Wasn’t Part Of The Plan – When I cleared my office and changed the couch I did not anticipate the increased attention my office would get from the feline members of the family. [5 pictures]

Photograph of a Maine Coon Cat

Sleepy Mao. [1 picture]

Mao & Tubbs. I had been getting a refill of coffee from the kitchen when I walked by these two looking particularly cute. [1 picture]

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman (Springfield Missouri) with Sprinky, a Maine Coon cat

Black and white photograph of Gary with Sprinky. [1 picture]

Sleeping Maine Coon cats

My Two Office Fur Balls — They’ve left just enough room for me to sit between them.

Photograph of a Maine Coon cat looking intently out of an unseen window

The squirrels have been working on a new route. Sprinky considers this cool because she can sit and watch them from the comfort of my filing cabinet. [1 picture]

Photograph of a Maine Coon cat lying on a 'butchers block' style wooden table

Sprinky lying on the kitchen table – five treatments of the same picture. [5 pictures]

The trouble is the cats are a constant source of amusement – so you cannot ignore them, or their strange foibles (and furballs). Rather than make a load of separate posts here are some recent cat pictures. Tubby is pretty much blind and deaf. Sometimes it is hard to work out exactly what he thinks …

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Sprinky - a Maine Coon Cat, Photograph by Gary Allman

Sprinky sleeping on the arm of the sofa in Ginger’s office.

Main Coon Cat - Sprinkles in a small box

No box is too small for our Maine Coon, Supa-dink aka Sprinkles.

If I could just train Tubby to do my Facebook posting for me.

When she’s not on my desk Blue Kitteh spends most of her time pushing Zees and generating fur on my spare chair. Another High ISO, Slow shutter speed, hand-held picture @ 1/10 sec.

Most mornings this is how I am welcomed to my desk. Blue Kitteh eagerly awaiting her morning petting session. She’s sassy and totally socially inept. Despite all her aloof and haughty ways, every now and then she gets an attack of the cat crazies and tears up and down the house at full speed.

Maine Coon, Blue Kitteh sleeping on the edge of Gary Allman's office desk.

Watching my work companion I’m thinking it might be worth my while switching allegiances to Buddhism. After all, from what I’ve seen, the possibility of being reincarnated as an in-door domestic cat seems to be a pretty good option.

Maine Coon cat wearing a red Santa Suite

Which explains why Ginger and Lanie took so long on the school run this afternoon, obviously some shopping was involved somewhere along the way.

Blue Kitteh was just reminding me I can’t leave any cupboard, or the filing cabinet open nor any bag or container out.

Sprinky decided to fall asleep on my EfM lesson notes.

it’s a popular pastime around here.

Gary and Sprinky

With Ginger away the cats have been a little uneasy. Tubby’s gone into hiding and Getzger doesn’t show his face much. Blue Kitteh has remained her aloof self, and Sprinky has been keeping her distance – always nearby but not too close. This evening though she’s been pestering me for attention – which generally means …

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You would have thought I would have got the hang of this self portrait taking thingy by now. Alas that isn’t the case. I spent the afternoon doing yard work, raking leaves, cutting down last year’s bamboo, I even helped Alek get the leaf blower working and took everyone to Andy’s for a concrete (ice …

Sprinky appears to be giving me the ‘evil eye’ (365:092) Read More »

Today was a little frustrating. I got my feedback on the business accounts, just a couple of simple changes to make, and then they’ll be ready to submit. That was the theory. The practice was different. Six hours later I was still struggling with the accounts software, unable to bend it to my will. I …

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Despite being a haughty madam I have to admit that from time to time she looks wonderful, and tonight under the lamp with the Christmas tree (blue of course) behind her it was a picture asking to be taken.

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