A Short Stay in London – Vacation Day 7. Our plan was to visit the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. 13 pictures

Gary and Ginger at the Tate Modern (365:172).

Encased staircase with Floor 4 marking at the Tate Modern, London UK

Floor 4 – Tate Modern.

Visitors to the Tate Modern (London UK) study a huge pile of porcelain sunflower seeds

Porcelain Sunflower Seeds – Ai Weiwei – I wish I’d been able to see the full installation.2 pictures

Two-fifty – Spotted during my wanderings around London.

Missouri Angel – Oh how I chuckled when I found this place, it’s opposite the office block where I worked in 2000, in America Square. The fact that I discovered this bar on the day my American K1 Visa interview was held and approved at the American Embassy is quite auspicious.

People lining up at a retail kiosk in Kings Cross Station

Kiosk – Kings Cross Station – UK.

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