Logging (365:332) – I spent the day in the woods pretending to be a lumberjack. I volunteered to give Loyal a hand today, and a jolly cold day it turned out too. Loyal felled a few trees, they were cut into logs and we dragged them then out of the way with the tractor and chains. This went on until Loyal ran over a small sapling, which got caught up in the tractor, cutting the tractor’s hydraulic hose and damaging the radiator.

Gary’s a lumberjack for the day (365:266) – I spent most of the day logging. Some friends are thinning out their trees, cutting the big ones into 8-9 foot logs and sending them to a local lumber mill. I volunteered to give them a hand today, so I spent my day clearing and cutting back brush, chaining logs and standing well back as the tractor dragged them up the hill.

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