Leather Journal

Feeding the obsession – It’s not really an obsession, more of a passion. I like leather journals. I enjoyed my new Field Notes sized journal so much I decided to buy another one. +2

Trail journal – don’t knock my writing. It’s not easy to write neat notes while you are hiking. Note the tiny mechanical pencil I bought just for hiking. I included a normal-sized one in the picture for comparison.

Unused pencil and old plans – While the pencil remains unused, the plans at least have been implemented with the completion of the storage area in the garage in 2019. +2

How many journals do you need? I’d say three binders holding a total of seven notebooks. That’s what you can see here, and each has a purpose. Two-minute read, +2

Bullet Journal Reboot – Sometime earlier this year I lost my journaling mojo. My Bullet Journal (BuJo) has been pretty much neglected and my personal journal has about one entry per month. One-minute read, +1

2018, a blank page to write whatever you want on.

Photograph of a leather Journal and Desk pad during cleaning with leather oil

Routine Maintenance. I have a suspicion that like myself, many rangefinder-style camera users also harbor an affinity for leather journals and fountain pens. +1

Photograph of a leather bound journal and Pilot metropolitan fountain pen

Lighting Test – Journal and Pilot Metropolitan Pen. +2

Photograph of an aluminium The Ridge Wallet on a leather journal

The Ridge Wallet and Journal – The Ridge Wallet, holding nine cards, with eight bills in the billfold and my work / personal journal. Five-minute read, +2

A Faux Dori, leather Journal or Bullet Journal cover

I’ve made a smaller simple leather journal / bujo cover for everyday carry 5 pictures

My Homemade 'Faux Dori' Journal

My Homemade ‘Faux Dori’ Journal – This is my ‘Every Day Carry’ journal. I made it small enough to go everywhere with me. It fits in (most of) my pants’ pockets. Two-minute read, +2

Color, night photograph of an oil lamp, leather bound journal and a cold drink

Evening Pleasures – An oil lamp, my journal, and unusually for me, a rum and Coke. All by the chiminea. +2

Journaling reboot: Photograph of a home-made leather journal and fountain pens

Journaling Re-boot – After a long break I started journaling again at the beginning of the year. Now I should be able keep up my journaling away from my desk. Two-minute read

Favourite Colour: Burgundy – If I have to have a favourite colour, then I guess this is currently it. It’s certainly the colour of my fountain pen, and I’ve also used it as an accent colour on a couple of walls in the living room.

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