Pictures and posts featuring my step-daughter Lanie.

Happy Birthday Ezekiel – “Zeke” -welcome to the newest arrival to the family, a new cousin, Ezekiel born in the early hours of this morning. 7 pictures

Lanie singing before the Christmas Service – I think she did a fantastic job, check it out for yourself Video: 1½ minutes

Bishop’s Ball 2013 – Following the diocesan convention I went to the Youth Meeting and took some pictures at the Bishop’s Ball. +15

When it was all over and the last photographs had been taken, enough cordless drills and screwdrivers to stock a DIY Depot appeared and the set and scenery was broken down and cleared away. 5 pictures

Little Mermaid After Show Pictures

Just before the beginning of term, with no warning or preparation, Lanie decided to audition for The Little Mermaid at Springfield Little Theater. Against some pretty stiff competition she was selected and to her credit has stuck with it with good humor through a rigorous rehearsal and show schedule. 14 pictures

Cider Days and The Little Mermaid – The day started with church and camera problems which luckily were resolved by the time we visited Cider Days. Video: 7 minutes. One-minute read, & 5 pictures

Lanie & Landon giving their stewardship speeches – Today Lanie (and Landon) delivered speeches at all three services on the topic of giving gratefully. 2 pictures

Lanie in an Ascend D10 Kayak on the Jame River, Springfield Missouri

A Late Afternoon Paddle on the James River with Lanie – Lanie had a break in her rehearsal schedule, so I thought I’d take her kayaking to get her out and about for a while. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Out at 7:20am on the high school run for the first time in eighteen months.

Last Sunday at church – I was ushering and Lanie volunteered to acolyte. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Camp WeMo at Wakonda - preparing the personal IDs for the new arrivals

Dropping Lanie off at Camp WeMo at Wakonda – Lanie’s off to Camp WeMo (WEst MissOuri) at Wakonda for the week, so this afternoon we dropped her off, and I took advantage of the visit to grab a few pictures. One-minute read, Album: 10 pictures

Overnight I had been sent a link to an e-version of the diocese magazine Spirit. This was so I could embed a copy in the diocese website. Fortunately that was a simple task. Checking the magazine I was surprised, and very pleased, to find that the pictures I took at the Bishop’s Ball were featured on the cover

Photograph of Lanie, Gary and Ginger Allman sitting in the backyard lit by the orange glow of a chiminea

We both have had long days at the computer recently, so the idea of sitting out in the back yard burning off a few of our deadfall limbs and twigs was a welcome diversion.

Today was the last appearance of the St Cecilia Choir before the summer break, and Lanie’s last appearance in the Junior Choir. This year the choir visited another Episcopal church in Springfield – St. John’s.

Today is Pentecost (Whitsunday back in the UK) and the last day of three services on a Sunday at Church until the fall. Yay for Sunday lie-ins to come! Two-minute read, 10 pictures

Lanie’s Middle School Graduation – Today marked yet another end of an era; Lanie’s last day at middle school. 8 pictures

Tonight was Lanie’s last middle school orchestra concert. How time flies. This evening she received recognition for her playing, and a medal for her three years’ attendance. 14 pictures

It’s that time of year again, it seems Lanie gets older every year! Whatever happened to the seven year old who was here when I first visited the US?

Our second evening in Florida and we get to go out on the lake in Sam’s boat.

Spring Break 2013 – Day 1 Drive to Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama – No backpacking for us this Spring Break – we’ve got a family wedding in Florida to go to, which is going to involve lots of driving. If we’re lucky we’ll get a chance to do some hiking in Florida. 6 pictures

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