Lakes and Creeks

Lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds, streams. Just about anything wet that isn’t the sea.

Canadian River, south of Logan, New Mexico.

Day Two — Canadian River Railroad Bridge. Logan, New Mexico. We spent last night in Dodge City, then headed down to Texas, went across Texas and into New Mexico. And why not? It bagged me a new state.

Just sitting and watching — That’s pretty much how I spent four days. The cup of tea was optional. +2

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness. My neighbors are fishing the small bluff opposite their camp.

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness — I never tire of this view or taking pictures of it. Look closely; you can see that I had neighbors on this visit. Two fishermen camped at the entrance to Piney Creek. +2

Crossing Point — Little Paddy Creek.

Crossing Little Paddy Creek — I stopped for a brief lunch before making the final crossing.

Paddy Creek Crossing — Looking down Paddy Creek from the crossing. +1

Lunch Stop — Time for lunch, a cup of tea, some noodles and summer sausage. +2

Scenic view of the North Fork River — Once my (leisurely) lunch was over there was nothing else but to tackle the three-hundred-foot climb to the McGarr Ridge Trail. This scenic overlook gave me an excellent excuse to catch my breath.

Blue Spring — This is popular area, I met seven people — two families — out for an afternoon walk while I was heating and eating my lunch here. I was last here with Ginger on a wedding anniversary backpacking trip, February 20, 2011.

North Fork River from the Blue Spring Trail — 1:30 p.m., time to make lunch and replenish my water.

Camp 5 Pond in the winter sunshine — once again our car is the only one at the trailhead.

Pool on Whites Creek, Irish Wilderness.

Camped near Whites Creek — This is not where you are supposed to camp, it is far too close to the creek but it was getting dark when I arrived and this is an established camping spot with a fire ring (I didn’t use it).

Whites Creek — All the leaves stuck in the brush are a good indicator of how high the creek got a couple of days ago.

All of this was flooded a couple of days ago. Whites Creek, Whites Creek Trail South Loop.

On the South Loop of the Whites Creek Trail — despite the whole area being flooded yesterday, the trail was not washed out (here, anyway).

Photograph of a large pool on Whites Creek, Irish Wilderness, Missouri. March 2023.

Pool on Whites Creek, Irish Wilderness — Oh the joys of the Golden Hour (and being in the right place).

Photograph of Whites Creek, Irish Wilderness. March 2023.

Whites Creek — close to its confluence with the Eleven Point River — I stopped here to have lunch and enjoy the view. One-minute read

Photograph of the Eleven Point River taken from the Whists Creek Trail, Southern Loop, Irish Wilderness, Missouri. March 2023.

The only scenic view on the Whites Creek Trail, Irish Wilderness — The Eleven Point River was very high, muddy and noisy after all the recent rain. At least I got a reasonable view of it on this trip. Last time it was hidden by all the leaves on the trees.

Creek? What creek? Someone stole the creek overnight. +1

Spring water, Whites Creek. And in a few minutes I’ll be climbing the hill on the other side of the creek. +2

Dry Prong, not so dry — The Whites Creek Trail North loop is well-traveled, easy on your feet, and easy to follow, with modest elevation changes. The trail might have been easy, but there were many downed limbs and lots of debris on the trail. Clearing the trail as I went slowed me down significantly.

First Creek Crossing — Whites Creek Trail, Irish Wilderness. on the spur trail that goes to the Whites Creek Trail loop. I made my first creek crossing before getting to the trail proper. Two-minute read, +2

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