Lakes and Creeks

The View from my hammock, Piney Creek Wilderness, Day Two – You are not supposed to camp this close to a water source, but this was the only spot I could find. +2

Looking up Piney Creek – it was a nice view to wake up to.

Camped by Piney Creek – I spent a long time searching for a decent campsite yesterday evening, and the light was rapidly fading when I picked this spot as the best I could find. +2

Looking down ‘Spring Hollow.’

‘Spring Hollow’ – I spent some time exploring the hollow.

Small Falls on Long Creek. +1

Looking up Long Creek (east). Hercules Glades – Day Two.

I stopped for lunch and to refill my water bottle, and I learned a lesson while I was about it. One-minute read

Ice falls – In ‘Deep Hollow.’ One-minute read, +2

Gurgling – it was interesting listening and watching the creek flowing under the ice. I stopped here to refill my water bottle. Hercules Glades – Day One.

Stopped for lunch

Photograph of Gary Allman drinking a cup of tea by some small falls on the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness. November 2020.

Lunch Break on the Big Piney Trail – here I am, sheltering from the rain by some small falls, while I have a cup of tea and heat up my lunch. +1

Camped above Little Paddy Creek – Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Three. +1

Photograph taken in the late fall of 2020 where the Big Piney Trail crosses Paddy Creek, Paddy Creek Wilderness.

Paddy Creek – Three-fifteen, and I’d only just crossed Paddy Creek. With a long way to go, I stopped just long enough to fill up with water and take a picture.

Bones – I say it every winter. I love this time of year when the bones of the land are laid bare. Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Two. November 2020.

Little Paddy Creek on the short cut between the South & North Loops. Incorrect maps, and assisting some misplaced riders. Three-minute read, +3

Once you get to the bottom of the ridge, there are two creek crossings before the climb up the other side of the hollow begins. +1

Thwarted in the last few feet – I had hoped to get access to the creek here. The feeder-creek stopped some eight feet or so above the level of Beaver Creek. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

The pool below The Falls.

Sunset at Piney Creek Wilderness. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Two. 2 pictures

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