Lakes and Creeks

Lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds, streams. Just about anything wet that isn’t the sea.

Looking back the way I’ve come, east towards the lake.

Hiking westwards along Piney Creek. Much nicer than trying to cross ‘Cat Briar Meadow.’

Day Four – Bluffs and hill by Piney Creek.

Twilight at PIney Creek Wilderness.

Resting spot in the sun.

Mountain House Southwest Breakfast Skillet and a cup of tea (PG Tips), enjoyed against the backdrop of the lake.

Pelicans at the end of the day – And that low line of bluffs in the distance is where I went swimming today, and intend to spend a good part of my day tomorrow.

Meanwhile back at camp – The last time I was here these trees were in the water. +1

Looking west towards Piney Creek – Exploring east along the northern shore of the arm of the lake, I found that two of the ‘hunting’ camps I’d discovered here in 2018 had either been dismantled and removed or had fallen apart and been consumed by the undergrowth. One-minute read, +5

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness, looking east. The lake is usually at the top of these bluffs. Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022.

The lake was low, very low. Looking to the southwest, with Buck Hollow opposite. Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022. +1

Cloud formations – Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022.

Piney Creek Sunset – Three nights, four days relaxing by the lake in Piney Creek Wilderness. September 2022. One-minute read

Looking up ‘Deep Hollow’ – Not a lot of water. The main spring comes out from under the grass middle right of the frame. There was nothing running now though. I was glad to find the small pool that I did.

Looking down ‘Deep Hollow’ – The springs and creek were dry. I found a small pool with a few gallons of clean-looking water in it. The bathing pool was completely dry, which surprised me.

Bath time — I’m looking pleased with myself. That’s probably because I have warmed up after my wilderness bath.

Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow’ — It looks very inviting, but the water was cold!

Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow.’

Inaccessible — Well, almost inaccessible. Looking downstream from the Bathing Pool in ‘Deep Hollow.’

Twin Falls – One of my favorite, out-of-the-way places at Hercules Glades Wilderness. +1

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