Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table Still Life – I was eating dinner when I noticed the light on these pots that Ginger threw at a pottery class she’s been taking. One-minute read, +1

Blue Ball – Something different for a change … I was sitting at the kitchen table entranced by the play of light filtering through the trees and the kitchen window mesh screen. The shadows were forming wonderful dancing patterns on a blue (lacrosse) ball Ginger had left on the table. Video: 1 minute & 2 pictures

Color photograph of paper napkins in a holder on a wooden kitchen table

Paper Napkins – Earlier today the light on the kitchen table caught my eye,and I wanted to take a picture but I was too busy. Fortunately the sky has been heavily overcast all day, when I stopped for lunch it was still looking good and I grabbed a few pictures.

Breakfast (365: 5) – 06:30, and breakfast – It took me two days to get this one

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