July 21 I took Luke for an afternoon kayaking on the James River at Springfield, Missouri 12 pictures.

Lanie in an Ascend D10 Kayak on the Jame River, Springfield Missouri

A Late Afternoon Paddle on the James River with Lanie – Lanie had a break in her rehearsal schedule, so I thought I’d take her kayaking to get her out and about for a while. One-minute read, 5 pictures

I’ve had a long outstanding arrangement to take Jonathan out in one of our kayaks. Last week we agreed some mutually convenient times, and today we finally got out on the water. 8 pictures

Blufff topped by trees, showing the rough texture, and a dead tree in the water at Lake Truman Missouri

This was the last bit of the shore we examined before heading back to the campground.

Ascend D10 & Ascend FS10 Kayaks at Berry Bend, Harry S Truman Reservoir – The dew and the quality of the light caught my eye.

See the rest of the pictures taken today.


Look carefully and you’ll see Ginger.


The fall color has been magnificent this year. Thus far we’ve not had an opportunity to get out to enjoy them. So, we’ve decide to take a couple of days out and enjoy the weather and the color while both last.

Gary upside down with his head under the deck of a Kayak (365:221) – No it’s not very well framed, but if you think I was going to extricate myself from being jammed under the fore-deck of the kayak just to check if the darned picture was alright, you are very much mistaken.

Minivan Complete with ‘Stealth Pods’ – Crighton put-in for kayaking on James River. We call them stealth pods because once we have them on the roof people seem to be unable to see us coming, and pull out in front of us, or even drive into us!

Kayaking on James River – Look carefully and you’ll see Ginger in the distance.

James River Near the Crighton Access Point – We put in at the Crighton access point on the James River this afternoon. The light was excellent and the colder weather meant that there was no one else around.

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