Jim’s Art

Wishbone – The latest of Jim’s creations.

Birdbath for Ginger – Thursday was a day of gifts. Carol bought me some farm-fresh eggs, and Jim brought us this wonderful sculpture/birdbath. +1

He’s Baaack! – Arty’s been of on tour for a month or so. He rejoined us last week.

Egg – Another of Jim’s creations. Some wag suggested it should be called a Faber-jim egg… 3 pictures

Meet Arty (Artopus) – Doesn’t everyone have a large, beer swilling, artist-in-residence octopus in their living room? 3 pictures

Twisted – Jim Davis.

Rose – Jim Davis.

Katydid for Katy O – Jim created this for our friend Katie in Pennsylvania. We’ll be delivering it in a couple of weeks when we go visit.

Ivory – Jim Davis.

Katie’s Occasional Table. Jim’s latest creation, a table for Katie. 2 pictures

“E LIZ-ard” Mild steel, lizard sculpture by Jim Davis. 2 pictures

photograph of a welded metal cross outline with organic vines in mild steel

The latest of Jim’s Cross inspired artworks. It’s an interesting departure from his usual flower and tree inspired forms.

Jim is submitting this sculpture for a silent auction in aid of the Ozarks Regional Arts Council. The only requirement is that the piece has to fit inside a six-inch cube.

Hand-made bolt-down steel gun safe.

Jim made me this wonderful ‘bolt-down” gun safe for Christmas. Plenty of room in there for all the ammo I received too.

Photograph showing the wonderful blues of our blue bottle tree against the bright fall yellow of a Sweet Gum tree (Portrait orientation)

The wonderful blues of our blue bottle tree against the bright fall yellow of the Sweet Gum tree in our front yard.

Brass Cross framed in iron by Jim.

The Iron Florist – Jim Davis – Jim’s entry into this year’s 6″ cube fund-raiser. 2 pictures

Small welded metal structure featuring berries, leaves, vines and a brass goblet.

A Toast To Art. Jim and Carol came by this afternoon on one of their regular trips to Springfield. He brought his latest piece for me to photograph. One-minute read

A Blue Bottle Tree sculpture by Jim Davis. www.breakfastinamerica.me

Ginger’s New Blue Bottle Tree – This picture is one that has to be put in the ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’ category. It took a huge amount of effort to create and it just doesn’t work. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Jim’s been experimenting with a more abstract style.

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