Oops! I walked into a plate glass window. No real damage done, and luckily there was no one around to witness me doing it.

Remain Calm. This is only a drill Tee shirt.

Remain Calm – This is only a drill… (365:136) – This is not today’s picture, it’s a picture I took back in December 2010. But it is very representative, as this is the tee shirt I just had to wear today. Anyway it amused me. My actual picture for today is at the bottom of this post and shows my cut hand without bandages. Three-minute read, 3 pictures

Three x-rays, one tetanus shot and twelve stitches later (365:135) – Do not try this at home. It was a fairly normal Sunday, church from 8.30am until around midday. Back at home I finished processing the outstanding wedding pictures, and then for a break I decided to work on my Mark III backpacking stove.

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