In the car

Picture showing empty roads in the Ozarks

UK friends and family seeing this might begin to get an idea of why I don’t like driving in the UK. 100 miles of driving and this is about as busy as it gets. After all the upgrades I’ve had recently, this vehicle was about as basic as they get. It didn’t even have a …

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A lucky shot just pointing the camera out of the window. As I drive to and from the Diocesan Office in Kansas City (three hours each way), one of the benefits is this view.

Shopping at Ikea We almost bought more than we could carry. It took a little bit of juggling to get everything in the van but we managed it. Just. 2 pictures

I thought I’d cleaned the mirror before taking this picture. Obviously not. Ginger’s not been feeling too well, so I let her sleep and picked up the big kids from school.

So this afternoon I got it fixed. The van’s a lot quieter now.

Pumping gas (365:215) – And the price is slowly coming down again.

In-car thermometer reading 111 F.

And I thought 105°F was hot. We took the van, jammed full of tornado relief items collected at church down to St. Philip’s in Joplin today. The Temperature in °C for my ‘little English chums’ as Anton would have it. Not that I would ever admit to watching such a lewd and trashy TV programme.

Phew! What a scorcher – >And other tabloid headlines. You need to be British and of a certain age to understand the relevance of the title; of a certain age because with British weather the opportunities to use headlines like this are few and very far between.

A few days ago the van’s AC went on the blink again. This time it’s jammed on, which is better than it not working at all. It blows air even when the fan’s turned off. Google came to the rescue, after some quick tests I paid $80 to the dealer for the new part, and …

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This was my major achievement for the day, unless you count going to Walmart. Even more excitement ensued with a trip to Bass Pro in the evening, not too much excitement though as they didn’t have the particular item I was looking for. Still I got a bonus 500 reward points for buying some lightweight …

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Resting my eyes (365:078) – At a service station in Eureka, Missouri, just off the I44. Two-minute read

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