Implied Nude

Typically this tag is used for photographs where though it isn’t obvious, there is some sort of implication that the subject (mainly myself) is not wearing any clothes. If you are easily offended then move on.

  • A lot of my pictures are documentary, in which case, if I wasn’t wearing clothes when the pictures was taken I certainly wasn’t going to get dressed just for a picture. This is life, and the reality is often there are no clothes. There’s nothing wrong in that, and if you think there is, then we will have to agree to disagree on the topic.
  • Some pictures are making a statement. Taking away clothing removes society’s trappings and is a great leveler. Even if we cannot afford fancy clothes, we all have bodies.
  • I recognize that nudity to some people can imply vulnerability. Sometimes I use it for that purpose. It can also imply strength too, so be careful about imposing your own insecurities on my pictures.
  • In some of my pictures I’m just pushing accepted boundaries, for shock value or pure bloody mindedness on my part.
  • Then there’s good humor, some people find the juxtaposition of nakedness in everyday situations amusing.
  • Finally, some find nudity erotic. Unfortunately there’s very little of an erotic nature with regards to yours truly without clothes, so if you fall into this camp, sadly you are out of luck.

In conclusion, if you don’t like nudity – don’t look, but also don’t complain to me about it. If you are offended, unfortunately that’s going to have to be your problem and not mine.

Hi Honey, I’m Back (365:1) – After a month’s holiday from 365 days, I’ve decided to start a second year. 5 pictures

Ironed Out – Original caption: “Best part of three weeks away and I’m overrun by ironing.” One-minute read

Disappointing (365: 109) – Re-edited, so no longer straight out of camera. However, I think this is a much better picture.

Self Portrait of Gary Allman - March 2007

Thursdays (365: 82) – I recently wrote that I had yet to capture the ‘essence’ of myself. This, I think might be it.

How near, how far?

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