Garage Project:  Getting Started With Stage IV

Garage Project: Getting Started With Stage IV – I forgot to take a picture before I started clearing away, so the corner to the right had already been cleared. One-minute read


Oops — Wherein a dripping, semi-naked Brit loses the plot or something. Five-minute read, 2 pictures

I think I know what killed the fridge-freezer

I think I know what killed the fridge-freezer – The cats. Plus: Pride before a fall & I love it when a plan (albeit Plan B) comes together. 2 pictures

Mao & Tubbs

Mao & Tubbs. I had been getting a refill of coffee from the kitchen when I walked by these two looking particularly cute.

Sleeping Tubblet & I’ve Been Busy

Our poor little tropical Burmese likes to find somewhere warm to sleep. Also in this post … I’ve been busy …

Today’s Issue for the Attentionally Challenged

How can I be expected to work with such large, noisy, and fascinating distractions outside my office window?

Back to the Bookcases

Back to the Bookcases – (See what I did there?) Today I got a chance to put the final coat of varnish on the backs of the bookcases. Then this evening I indulged myself with an orgy of nailing with the nail gun. It’s starting to look a lot like my plan. 2 pictures

Lanie & Tubby test the sofa

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it

Workbench Project

Workbench Project – When we bought the minivan it became obvious that the garage would need reorganizing as it is a very tight fit. It’s almost impossible to get at any tools while the van is in the garage. 2 pictures

Cleaning out the garage

Cleaning out the garage – Now we’ve got it clean we have to formulate plans for putting in the workshop and more storage. 3 pictures