Anything relating to my health, good and bad.

Finally seeing results

Finally seeing results — I’ve been regularly exercising for around and hour a day, five days a week for three months now. I read that it takes a lot longer to get results when you get to a ‘certain age,’ and so it has. This week, for the first time the body fat percentage has dropped into the green.

Exercise – Mowing the front yard

Overdoing things mowing the front yard – Today the temperatures eased off slightly for the first time in many weeks. It was just low enough for me to venture out to tend to the front yard for a few hours.

After four years I’ve finally hit my weight target

After four years I’ve hit my weight target. When I started I was 182lbs. Today I finally hit my target of 156lbs.


Medication – Pride comes before a fall they say. I guess I shouldn’t have felt so pleased with myself back in April when I managed to convince my doctor to let me drop my blood pressure pills. That, it turns out was a mistake… Two-minute read

There go my backpacking plans

There go my backpacking plans – Things started to get a bit surreal as it dawned on me that I was the “Cardiac Emergency” just announced on the hospital PA system. Five-minute read, 2 pictures

Daily Pills

Daily Pills – At what point do you throw in the towel and admit that, maybe, just maybe, you are not the young person you used to be? One-minute read

A Standing Desk for My Health – Assembly

I’ve been having a few health problems, and a standing desk is one of the things I’m trying to beat them. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

Diet – steak, egg and veggies for breakfast

Diet – steak, egg and veggies for breakfast – I’ve been spending far too much time at my desk and not enough time out and about. The lack of exercise has taken it toll, and it’s time to start doing something; reduce my weight and get more exercise.

An afternoon in bed (365:348)

An afternoon in bed (365:348) – I thought I was feeling better, Unfortunately not.

Not so good (365:340)

Not so good (365:340) – I’m not very well, let’s hope I get better quickly. Last time it took me six months to recover – not a prospect I want to consider.

Remain Calm – This is only a drill… (365:136)

Remain Calm – This is only a drill… (365:136) – This is not today’s picture, it’s a picture I took back in December 2010. But it is very representative, as this is the tee shirt I just had to wear today. Anyway it amused me. My actual picture for today is at the bottom of this post and shows my cut hand without bandages. Three-minute read, 3 pictures

Three x-rays, one tetanus shot and twelve stitches later (365:135)

Three x-rays, one tetanus shot and twelve stitches later (365:135) – Do not try this at home. It was a fairly normal Sunday, church from 8.30am until around midday. Back at home I finished processing the outstanding wedding pictures, and then for a break I decided to work on my Mark III backpacking stove.