Hammock Gear

Morning in the woods — The temps dropped quickly last night. It was below freezing by 9 p.m. and dropped to 28F.

Unusual, but it worked — I wanted a tarp configuration that would keep the wind off me, but still let me stand up. +1

One-night stay in the Devil’s Backbone Wilderness. And once more I manage to break some gear … Trip write-up: One-minute read, +3

This would have been a great weekend to get away into the woods. The temperatures are in the low eighties, and the rain has cleared out for a while. Instead, I decided to do some chores at home. One-minute read, +1

Temporary shelter – I quickly put the tarp up so I could get out of the rain. Quickly, but not before I had a swim. Piney Creek Wilderness – Day One.

Camped Near ‘Twin Falls Creek’ 2 pictures

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