Hammock Camping

In 2018, after eight years of intermittent tent camping, I stopped being a ‘ground dweller’ and moved up to hammock camping. The advantages are increased comfort and the flexibility of camping site choices. The disadvantages are the time it takes setting up and breaking down camp. But it is worth it.

Gary and hammock, ‘Twin Falls Hollow,’ February 2023. Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Morning view from my hammock.

Morning hot chocolate – I folded back my tarp so I could enjoy the view and the morning sun.

Day Three — Morning sunshine, camped at ‘Twin Falls Hollow’

Dinner time, camped at ‘Twin Falls Hollow.’ A change of plans was needed… +2

Hammock camping in heavy forest. Hercules Glades Wilderness, Mark Twain National Forest. Missouri.

Day Two – Camped above ‘Deep Hollow,’ in the sunshine this time — everything is pretty much as I left it when I was last here in August last year. I was late to sleep, so I slept in this morning. It’s almost noon already.

Morning view from my hammock.

A self portrait photograph of Gary Allman keeping warm in his hammock while winter camping. December 2022.

Keeping warm in my hammock – The low was 23℉ (-5℃), well within the 10℉ rating of my quilts. I was nice and cozy. A forecast of 20℉ is my lower limit, not because I cannot keep warm at lower temperatures I can, but because it is not enjoyable sitting around and doing camp chores when it is that cold. I do this for funsies, not to prove anything.

Camped above McGarr Spring, Devil’s Backbone Wilderness. Near the end of the third day of my trip. I surprised myself with an 8 mile hike today. Not bad. Four-minute read, +1

Camped near the Ridge Runner / Ozark Trail – I last camped near here in May 2021 on my first hike of the North Fork loop of the Ridge Runner Trail. Then the leaves were out, it was warm, and I deliberately missed a large section of the trail in order to explore Steam Mill Hollow. Two-minute read, +3

Hammock camping at Piney Creek Wilderness.

Hammock camping at Piney Creek Wilderness – No one has been here since my last visit, July 2021. Solo backpacking at Piney Creek Wilderness, September 2022.

Hammock ridge line holster mount — When I first saw the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster system, I thought it would be great for backpacking. When I bought my Sig Sauer P938, I checked the Alien Gear website and was very pleased to see that there was a holster for it. +1

A brilliant sunset and I’m in the wrong place to see it – My cell phone camera was not up to the job of capturing it.

Hammock Camping — August 2022 – Camped by ‘Deep Hollow’ I lent Ginger my summer tarp, leaving me with my winter tarp.

Hammock camping in the woods – Yup, just my chair, my hammock, and a load of trees. (We’ll not mention all the ticks and chiggers).

Day Two — Camped back above ‘Deep Hollow’ – preceded by setting up camp on Day One, getting water and an overnight storm. Two-minute read

Day Two. Camped at ‘Deep Hollow’ – It rained through most of the night and into the morning. +3

Day One – Camped in ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ – I arrived at 9:40 p.m. yesterday after hiking in on a dark and foggy night.

Checking out the rain – Apparently, the trees I’ve been using have a dip between them, which proceeded to fill with water, The ground on the downhill side was very soggy. Two-minute read, +4

Day Two. The view from my hammock – Morning sunshine in the woods. One-minute read, +1

Day Four. Camped in open oak woodland – It was the warmest night so far, so a good night not to have set the tarp. +3

Camped near the Pees Hollow Trail, Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Day Two. Morning tea in bed. +1

Lazing in my hammock – I’m having a lazy day. And why not? Until the bugs and weeds die back a bit I’m quite happy to lay here and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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