Hammock Camping

Tales of stupidity — Camped overlooking ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ – This trip had been dogged by a series of stupid mistakes. My final mistake could easily have been fatal, but as is usually the case when I do something stupid, I was lucky and got away with it. Until possibly, one day I won’t. Five-minute read, 4 pictures

Getting ready to break camp on Day Three.

About to break camp – There are three things to note in this picture…

Good Morning. Hercules Glades – Day Two.

Camped by ‘Deep Hollow’ – After years of camping down in hollows to be near water, I am now learning the advantages of going higher and putting up with a longer trek to fetch water. 2 pictures

Packing up after the rain – Everything including the hammock has been packed away leaving just the tarp which I kept up so that the occasional rain shower and drips from the trees didn’t get me and the gear wet.

My 2020-2021 Winter Backpacking Gear. Five-minute read

Camped near Little Brazil Creek – Hot water for breakfast is heating up on the Fancee Feest stove, and my Garmin InReach (satellite texting/locator beacon) is hanging up in a tree trying to get a clear bit of sky to obtain a GPS lock and send my morning ‘All Okay’ message to Ginger.

Dawn by Little Brazil Creek – Day three. It was a spectacular sky and darned cold. There had been a frost overnight, and I had set my tarp up low to the ground to keep the cold hollow winds at bay.

Watching the sunrise on the trees. Berryman Trail – Day Two, December 2020.

Photograph of Gary Allman with his morning tea in a hammock on the Berryman Trail, Missouri.

Morning Tea. Berryman Trail – Day Two, December 2020.

Camped for the night – Berryman Trail – Day One, December 2020. One-minute read

Camped above Little Paddy Creek – Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Three. 2 pictures

Frosty Morning at Paddy Creek Wilderness – Eight o’clock and the sun hasn’t reach my hammock yet. Paddy Creek Wilderness Day Two. 3 pictures

Setting up camp at dusk – The sky is so light because the nearly full moon has already risen.

Camped in ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ – I’ve not camped in this spot for a while. Recently I’ve been bushwhacking further down the hollow where the sides are not quite so steep. But the views here are much nicer, and I like the little rock-shelf tables I can use as mini kitchen tables. 4 pictures

Camped near ‘Twin Falls Creek’ October 2020 – The season has moved on a lot since I was here a month ago. Remember the teabag I left behind? It was sitting undisturbed on the small rock, where I left it. I packed it away with my trash before I forgot it again! Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Gary, beanie, puffy, and hammock & the unexpected problems of losing weight – On this trip I was trying out new backpacking clothing options, and while I was checking how well my choices were working, I was slow to make changes when things weren’t. And that was a problem. Three-minute read

Watching the wildlife (and drinking tea) – I watched a deer run past, followed shortly afterwards by a much more stealthy coyote. 2 pictures

Morning tea, breakfast in bed, and things that rustle through the underbrush at night. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Camp Life – Journaling – Today was one of the few times I’ve actually got round to writing in my journal while I’m out backpacking. 5 pictures

All set up at my spot near ‘Twin Falls’ creek – I must be getting quicker because it only took me a couple of hours to hike the Pilot Trail to ‘Twin Falls’ creek. 4 pictures

Breaking Camp – Piney Creek Wilderness – Day Three. Slideshow: 9 pictures

My current backpacking cooking kit. 2 pictures

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