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Posts that include, or mention my wonderful wife and love of my life, Ginger.

Gary and Ginger on the beach near Horsey, Norfolk – Lanie borrowed my camera and took these pictures. I really like them. 3 pictures

A Short Stay in London – Vacation Day 7. Our plan was to visit the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Tower of London. 13 pictures

Vacation Day 5 – D-Day Celebrations and an Evening Meal – Gail organized a trip to the common to take part in some of the weekend’s D-Day celebrations. We enjoyed an afternoon of forties music, British food, sunshine and people watching. +7

Pre-shoot equipment test, and I asked Ginger to be my stand-in model… 5 pictures

The final performance of The Little Mermaid is today. We had a spare hour between dropping Lanie off at the theater and when the doors opened. So, Ginger suggested we took advantage of the time to take a new profile picture.

Photograph of Lanie, Gary and Ginger Allman sitting in the backyard lit by the orange glow of a chiminea

We both have had long days at the computer recently, so the idea of sitting out in the back yard burning off a few of our deadfall limbs and twigs was a welcome diversion.

Profile Picture of Ginger Davis Allman - June 2013

We’d spent the afternoon at a friends daughter’s wedding where I’d been helping out as an assistant photographer. When we got home Ginger decided we should take advantage of the ‘golden hour’ light and get a new profile picture. 2 pictures

Spring Break 2013 – Day 1 Drive to Cheaha Mountain State Park, Alabama – No backpacking for us this Spring Break – we’ve got a family wedding in Florida to go to, which is going to involve lots of driving. If we’re lucky we’ll get a chance to do some hiking in Florida. 6 pictures

This afternoon we made the effort to leave our desks behind and hike what we call the ‘Hill Loop’ of the Busiek Silver Trail – 2.58 miles and 574 ft of Elevation. 4 pictures

Black Eyed Susan, Ginger and Lanie.

Morning Coffee at Long Creek Falls, Hercules Glades Wilderness – A wonderful and peaceful way to to start the day.

Resting on the trail out from Piney Creek Wilderness

Gary and Ginger stop for a drink and snack on the way back to the Tower Trailhead – Piney Creek Wilderness. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Gary Fishing , James River, Springfield, Missouri (365:317). 4 pictures

Fall Color -

Looking up I saw these wonderful colors…

Look carefully and you’ll see Ginger.

The fall color has been magnificent this year. Thus far we’ve not had an opportunity to get out to enjoy them. So, we’ve decide to take a couple of days out and enjoy the weather and the color while both last.

An evening with Mick (365:168) – UK June 2011 – Day 3. To be more precise a whole day with Mick. 2 pictures

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