Gary and Ginger

Apart…(365:270) – for now. A collaborative picture with Ginger.

Gary Allman, Ginger Davis Allman and Lanie alongside a Camo decorated Toyota Tundra Pick-up

Camo Covered Toyota Tundra pick-up – My first trip to the US and this camo covered Toyota Tundra pick-up at Bass Pro was an essential photo opportunity.

Gary and Ginger on our first family dinner out with the kids – We left Eureka Springs sometime after noon and headed back to Springfield. I can’t remember if we picked the kids up from the grandparents, or if they brought them into town for us. Whatever, we ended up taking the kids to Cicis for our first family dinner out in Springfield.

A black and white photograph of Gary and Ginger Allman on the the day they first met (August 11, 2007)

August 11, 2007, First Meeting – and just over a month after we realized we’d get married. Two-minute read, +1

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