Gary and Ginger

Today we drove down to see Carol & Jim (365:323). After dinner we sat around chatting. 3 pictures

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church (365:320)

Gary and Ginger indulge in the ancient art of kitty aggravating (365:318) – it’s a popular pastime around here.

Lanie enjoyed yesterday’s hike so much she wanted to go on another today. So we went on a short hike on the Sac River trail

Campfire at Bucksaw, Harry S Truman Lake, Missouri (365:308)

Relaxing (365:307)- Tonight we had some rare down time.

Tomorrow at 7.30 am I leave for Chicago for the week

It’s Friday. Put your feet up and take a break (365:224) – Or FUTAB is it is often referred to on Flickr.

Making plans (365:220) – I just wish they included hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking or fishing. Unfortunately they didn’t.

Gary and Ginger at the dinner table (365:218) – Ginger said this picture needed some color. Now it has.

Gary and Ginger at Emily and Larry’s Wedding reception (365:211) – Which explains the somewhat curious and questionable lighting.

On the flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Springfield (365:196). UK June 2011 – Day 31. It was a long day. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Ginger and Gary on the beach (365:195) – UK June 2011 – Day 30. Out of focus? Possibly, but if it is, tough. Two-minute read

Gary and Ginger on the beach at Hunstanton (365:190) – UK June 2011 – Day 25. Back to Portsmouth today. One-minute read, 8 pictures

A photograph in which I appear to have a foot protruding from the back of my head. The foot does not belong to me. (365:188) – UK June 2011 – Day 23. The presence of said foot probably explains the stupid grin I have. Two-minute read, 5 pictures

The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant – Berwick-Upon-Tweed (365:187) – UK June 2011 – Day 22. Today we said goodbye to Scotland and headed South. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger in the tent camped beside Loch Rannoch (365:186) – UK June 2011 – Day 21. The plan was to go backpacking in the Cairngorms. One-minute read

Looking out over Gruinard Bay, Scotland (365:184) – UK June 2011 – Day 19. This might have been my favorite photo of the entire holiday,but the autofocus didn’t work properly so it’s a bit blurred. Two-minute read, 12 pictures

At the end of the hike (365:182) – UK June 2011 – Day 17. It was a long hike. Two-minute read, +10

Gary and Ginger at the saddle of Lairig Gartain (365:181) – UK June 2011 – Day 16. The plan was to drive to Glen Coe and Backpack up into the Lost valley.

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