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Gary and Ginger

Pees Hollow, Counter-clockwise For a Change – The last time Ginger and I went backpacking together was in August 2017. For this trip, Ginger chose the trail — Hercules Glades Wilderness, Pees Hollow trail, and I chose the route — Counter-clockwise. [14 Pictures]

Photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Allman on their ninth wedding anniversary (2018)

Gary and Ginger — Ninth Wedding Anniversary. Ginger took a ninth wedding anniversary selfie. [1 picture]

Gary & Ginger on the Silver Trail at Busiek. [8 pictures]

Ginger and Gary on the White Trail at Busiek [12 pictures]

Photograph of Ginger and Gary Allman on the Coy Bald Trail

In 2010 we went from car camping to hiking and backpacking in six months. I reflect on what instigated that change, and how we are going to keep on getting out. [8 pictures]

Black and White photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Davis Allman sitting on a bench at Milton Locks, overlooking Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, UK.

We visit a place laden with memories for me and recreate a picture from ten years ago. [4 pictures]

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding [12 Pictures]

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White [34 Pictures]

Photograph of Gary and Ginger Allman on board an American Airways 'plane bound for London Heathrow.

We’re On Our Way to England – And we’ll be staying a month. It’s going to be busy as Ginger has a lot of work lined up. We’ll be traveling a lot, and I plan to get in some hiking, we’ll see how that goes. [2 pictures]

The evenings are starting to get cool and temporarily at least, the mosquitoes have gone away. Time to light up the chiminea and enjoy some time in the backyard. I thought the beer was appropriate to the advancing season. Saved from last year, ‘Winter Grind’, a very nice coffee stout from Mother’s Brewing Company here …

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Today we took a trip down to Tulsa and spent the day with our friend jks (aka wizardjks on Flickr) We’ve known jks since 2007. Up until now we have not had a chance to meet him as he lives in Pakistan. A work visit to the US gave us the opportunity to rectify that. …

We went off to see the Wizard (JKS) Read More »

Vacation Day 25 – I think the correct order was a Barbecue then some crafting We’ve already met Bob and Ann, Roy and Jan are also life-long friends. Here’s a picture of us all way back in the early ninties. Roy, Bob and I went to college together. We’ve been through some interesting ‘scrapes’, most …

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Vacation Day 16 – Having taken our leave of Penny we headed North. By fitting in a couple of days in Wales we’d lost some time we’d planned to spend in the in the Lake District / Scotland. We debated on the drive up whether to spend the night in the Lake District. We decided …

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Lanie borrowed my camera and took these pictures. I really like them. [3 pictures]

Today we collected Lanie from her Grandparents Katie came too, the price I had to pay was a white knuckle ride in the co-pilot’s seat while Katie drove us through country roads. Fortunately we left to come home after dark and Katie wasn’t feeling confident enough to drive back, so I had a much more …

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Not content with pointing fingers at people, Ginger is now pointing cheese (in a very meaningful manner) at me A day spent transferring files. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Carol and Jim’s to collect Lanie, who absconded with her grandparents after Thanksgiving.

After dinner we sat around chatting. We had a great day. Jim asked me to take some pictures of a couple of axes from his collection. The results can be seen after the outtakes from our after dinner conversation below.

After Thanksgiving Dinner at church

I spent this evening helping in the kitchen at church We fed over 200 hundred people, including members of the congregation and local community. We were too busy to stop and take pictures, so all I have for today is this hastily taken picture of Ginger and I in a brief pause near the end …

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it’s a popular pastime around here.

Lanie enjoyed yesterday’s hike so much she wanted to go on another today. So we went on a short hike on the Sac River trail

Tonight we had some rare down time And even better tomorrow we get to go away for a couple of days. We’ve volunteered to take some of the youth group kids up to Kansas City. We’ll not be needed for the event, so we are going camping by Lake Truman. Just like we did last …

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Tomorrow at 7.30 am I leave for Chicago for the week

Or FUTAB is it is often called on Flickr. 12 August 2011 | 365:224 | 365 Days blog | Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman

I just wish they included hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking or fishing. Unfortunately they didn’t. 08 August 2011 | 365:220 | 365 Days blog | Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman

Ginger said this picture needed some color. Now it has. 06 August 2011 | 365:218 | 365 Days blog | Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman

Which explains the somewhat curious and questionable lighting. Which seemed to be ceiling mounted multicoloured LEDs. And of course, I shouldn’t forget, congratulations to Emily and Larry. 30 July 2011 | 365:211 | 365 Days blog | Copyright © 2011 Gary Allman

UK June 2011 – Day 30. Out of focus? Possibly, but if it is, tough. Today I showed Ginger the benefits of a working public transportation system. We started the day dropping off the hire car. First piece of good news – they weren’t going to charge us for the extra day we had, and …

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UK June 2011 – Day 25. Back to Portsmouth today. We indulged in a full English breakfast to keep us going through another long day’s driving. Between slices of toast we chatted with the owner of the B&B, who did sound Spanish, but was originally from Honduras which he’d left over thirty years ago. He’d …

Gary and Ginger on the beach at Hunstanton (365:190) Read More »

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