Garage Project

Our first remodeling work in the garage started with giving the garage a good clean-out in May 2009. In November work started in earnest with painting one half and building a new workbench. We added some more shelving in January 2010, and in May 2010 we cleared the other side of the garage, replaced the window, and built more shelving and storage space.

And that’s how things stayed until 2019 when I finally decided to tackle the growing mess at the end of the garage.

Shopping at Lowes – This morning we went to Lowes to get the stuff needed to build the new workbench. Though of course, nothing is that simple. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Workbench Project – When we bought the minivan it became obvious that the garage would need reorganizing as it is a very tight fit. It’s almost impossible to get at any tools while the van is in the garage. 2 pictures

Cleaning out the garage – Now we’ve got it clean we have to formulate plans for putting in the workshop and more storage. 3 pictures

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