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Hike over, back at the trailhead – That’s my hike over, and it’s just before 4:15 p.m. Not bad, and still daylight. I should be home by 5:45 p.m. I completed today’s hike of six-plus miles in a little over three hours. I’ll take that.

Nothing to see here, move on… View? there’s supposed to be a view… +2

All packed up and ready to head home – and it’s only six-and-a-half miles of fairly flat going.

Gear Damage – I tore my under quilt protector when I fell out of my hammock on my last trip. Despite spending half-an-hour looking for the damage at home, I didn’t find it. I’ve now made careful notes of where it is so I can repair it.

Improvised water filtering arrangements – This is what happens when you don’t use a packing list and pack in a hurry. I forgot to pack the 64oz water pouch I use for holding unfiltered water. The pouch screws onto the filter, squeeze it, and you have clean water. Fortunately, my 8oz squeezy washing bottle has the same fittings, so I used that instead.

Hot chocolate to start the day. +1

Camped above ‘Deep Hollow’ – Despite exploring for several miles yesterday, this appears to be the only place near a water source. Oh, and it rained (a lot) overnight.

Bearing Tree & Land Survey Monument – Marking a corner of the Hercules Glades Wilderness. +1

Puffy jacket hood malfunction – What can I say? You would think I could dress myself by now. At least I didn’t fall out of my hammock this time.

First hike of 2021 – Camped at ‘Twin Falls Hollow’ – I didn’t start packing my gear until I finished work, and so it was dark when I left home. I started my hike at 7:40 p.m., there was some light from the risen half-moon and the sky was clear. Following the trail was easy, and I kept my headlamp on its lowest setting — which proved to be a mistake when I accidentally took the Cedars Trail in the dark. Two-minute read, +2

Recycling – It’s been a long time. We bribed one of the kids to do it earlier in the year; at that time, there was a huge amount because it included all the packaging for Ginger’s studio remodel.

Working and bopping – Preparing some social media posts ready for Christmas. I’ve just got to get a week’s worth of evening prayers prepared and scheduled, some loose ends to tie up, and I can take a week off work.

Geek Moment – Recently my computer of nine years died, and I decided to replace it with a gaming laptop (right).

End of trip selfie – Day Four – In total I’d hiked 27.5 miles and climbed over 2,600ft. I’m still not particularly fit, but my averages are rising.

Splashes – As anticipated, the hike out was cold and damp. So I ‘poured on the coal’ again and got moving. I wanted to get to the warmth and heated seat in the car as soon as possible.

Beecher Spring and site of the abandoned Edward Beecher Recreation Area – my destination for the day. One-minute read, +2

Berryman Trail sign – Anyone know what the logo at the bottom is? Ginger reckons it’s a bong. I think it means potable water. Again Google has let me down.

Poor flag etiquette – Not content with letting the flag touch the ground, it’s also in an appalling state. +1

Kudos to the Ozark Trail Association – The trail is very well maintained, and I like the new routing away from all the wet and marshy ground. The extra three miles are welcome too. I noticed that the complete Berryman Trail is now marked as a ‘spur trail’ of the Ozark Trail, which is good. If only all the Missouri trails were this well stewarded.

Crossing Floyd Tower Rd. (again). On the western loop this time.

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