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Strange times, strange working conditions – Today, for the first time since March 11, I left the house for work. Two-minute read. 4 pictures

My hike didn’t go quite as planned – lots of dense brush, an angry critter, and a lack of campsites changed my plans. Five-minute read, 3 pictures

Small falls on ‘Twin Falls Creek.’ – According to the GPS these are only 260 yards from the trail. It seems a lot more when you are bushwhacking.

Lunch stop – Once again I made reasonable time on the trail (for me), arriving at my selected lunch spot shortly before two pm. 5 pictures

The brush is growing and views are limited – Ten years ago when we first hiked this trail the views were a lot better.

You’d think… that the trail beared left here. Nope. It disappears into the bushes on the right.

Ready to go – I was planning on a nice leisurely lunch break down at ‘Twin Falls Creek’ near where I’d camped on Friday night, so I wanted to be on the trail before midday. 3 pictures

Hiking Out – A couple of selfies and some notes on my hike out. Three-minute read. 6 pictures

Enjoying the view from my hammock – Piney Creek, Day Two. 3 pictures

Hammock camping at Piney Creek, preparing breakfast – It was an interesting night. Not because anything happened, but because of the odd and vivid dreams I had. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness – this is my little spot of Ozarks’ heaven. Every time I visit it is slightly different. Piney Creek – Day One.

Table Rock Lake at Piney Creek Wilderness.

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