Fuji FinePix F30

Photograph of a Fujifilm Finepix F30 digital camera with the lens extended (on).

My Fujifilm Finepix F30 is the first digital camera I bought back in 2006. I still like the pictures it takes. It continues to work (2022), and every now and then I give it an outing.

photograph of Gary Allman studying for EFM in the backyard

Studying in the back yard (365:137) – The yard needs to be mowed, we’ll have to get a kid on to it. I had a quiet day studying. It’s my final class for this academic year on Thursday. Lots of reading has been done, just the course notes to read and exercise to get out of the way and I’m finished.

Remain Calm. This is only a drill Tee shirt.

Remain Calm – This is only a drill… (365:136) – This is not today’s picture, it’s a picture I took back in December 2010. But it is very representative, as this is the tee shirt I just had to wear today. Anyway it amused me. My actual picture for today is at the bottom of this post and shows my cut hand without bandages. Three-minute read, 3 pictures

Three x-rays, one tetanus shot and twelve stitches later (365:135) – Do not try this at home. It was a fairly normal Sunday, church from 8.30am until around midday. Back at home I finished processing the outstanding wedding pictures, and then for a break I decided to work on my Mark III backpacking stove.

Late-night Saturday (365:134) – Another day processing pictures. While everyone else went about doing family stuff I stayed put at the computer processing more of the outstanding pictures. I did fairly well, and I ought to be able to finish them tomorrow.

Walmart veggies section (365:133) –

Broken Nikon Lens Mount (365:132) – The good news is that we are spared another ‘Gary studying for EFM’ picture this week.

Gary and a milling machine (365:131) – Today I visited an engineer’s playground. One-minute read

Processing (365:130) – I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a crash, with kitties in the house you get used to it, and I turned over and went back to sleep. I didn’t give it a second thought until Ginger came into the bedroom this morning saying how sorry she was. In her hand was the Nikon, in two pieces.

Gary and Loyal at Christ Episcopal Church (365:107)

Snow? What snow? (365:085). I was most disappointed to find it didn’t snow in the night. Two-minute read

Bluffs on the Meramec River at Meramec State Park, Missouri – I love my little Fuji Finepix F30 compact, it produces such ‘painterly’ pictures.

Gary and Ginger at the end of our Berryman Trail backpacking trip (365:083). 8 pictures

Feet up, taking a break on the trail (365:082) – Today was a very windy day. Five-minute read, 8 pictures

Waking up in the woods. Berryman Trail, Missouri (365:081) – Last night we slept under the stars. One-minute read, 5 pictures

Gary and Ginger Allman, backpacking on the Berryman Trail, Missouri. March 2011.

Gary and Ginger Backpacking on the Berryman Trail (365:079) – Today the sun shone. Three-minute read, 6 pictures

Resting my eyes (365:078) – At a service station in Eureka, Missouri, just off the I44. One-minute read

Something Spicy at Mama Jean’s (365:074) – The black caterpillar thing must go. Two-minute read

Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness by Gary Allman

Near the end of the hike (365:052) – Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness. 5 pictures

Morning coffee in Mary Hollow - Devils Backbone Wilderness by Gary Allman

Morning coffee in Crooked Hollow – Devils Backbone Wilderness (365:051) – It’s our second wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate it than backpacking? I sure do know how to show a girl a good time! One-minute read, 6 pictures

Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness by Gary Allman

Wedding anniversary backpacking at Devils Backbone Wilderness (365:050) – Tonight we get to sleep in the woods and tomorrow it’s our It’s our second wedding anniversary. One-minute read, +3

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