Fuji FinePix F30

Ten Years On: Happy To Be Here. I’ve just indulged in a couple of ‘retro’ self-portrait sessions. Two-minute read, 6 pictures

Photograph of a Fujifilm Finepix F30 digital camera with the lens extended (on).

My first digital camera — a Fujifilm Finepix F30 — bought in 2006. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

One of the very first photographs I took when I bought my first digital camera. I’ve always liked this image, when I decided to re-visit the picture I also produced this black and white version. Fawley Oil Refinery, Southampton Water, Hampshire, UK.

This is not a serious attempt at a picture, I was just pointing my camera at things in my office late one night. One of the cameras, a No. 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. is nearly 100 years old – which is quite stunning. I spent a few hours earlier in the week getting all the …

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Day Hike at Busiek – The weather this weekend has been wonderful (especially considering it is still February). However, we’ve not had a chance to get away backpacking as we had commitments in town on Saturday. Today we went on a short hike at Busiek. 3 pictures

Branch of Brushy Creek off of the Pees Hollow Trail, Hercules Glades – This creek was mainly dry, but near where we camped there was some water. 3 pictures

We had a little navigational problem getting started. The beginning of the western half of the Pees Hollow trail isn’t marked, and the trail isn’t much used. With all the fallen leaves we went past the start of the trail and had to backtrack. The views were well worth the effort.

A lucky shot just pointing the camera out of the window. As I drive to and from the Diocesan Office in Kansas City (three hours each way), one of the benefits is this view.

Gary on Hawksbill Crag (Whittaker Point), Arkansas (365:287). One-minute read, 11 pictures

UK June 2011 – Day 5. A late night family picture of the stragglers. We were up fairly early to go to church – I wanted Ginger to see what has become the family church – St Margaret’s. I say family church because I and both my kids were Christened there, my parents funerals were …

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UK June 2011 – Day 4. Gary and Ginger standing in the wind outside Southsea Castle. Mick treated us to a hearty English breakfast before taking us back to Robert’s for a small family get together, after which we decided to go out and blow away the cobwebs with some fresh air and a look …

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UK June 2011 – Day 3. To be more precise a whole day with Mick. Despite changing time zones we had to be up early to get the broken camera lens to the repair shop before my childhood friend Mick arrived to take us to meet up with his parents, who I’ve not seen in …

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UK June 2011 – Day 2. Here I am once more in the land where the plural of Lego is what it should be – Lego. We arrived at London Heathrow on time, just after nine am. I was disappointed that the UK immigration chap-ess didn’t bother to say “Welcome to the UK” but heigh …

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Layover at Chicago (365:166) – UK Vacation – Day 1. The day was going well until I checked on my camera. Two-minute read

Waiting and Writing. Sitting waiting in the car is one of the few places and times I get a chance to stop and think. 2 pictures

While Lanie’s away we’ll go have a double dip cone with the big kids, and steal their glasses for a photo opportunity. Lanie’s away at camp, so we took the big kids out for a treat without the distraction of a bouncy middle schooler. Extras

Vodka, tonic, and Indiana Jones. That’s just what was needed to relax at the end of a stress-filled day.

It’s time to make a new batch of breakfast cereal. So here I am in Mama Jean’s where I diligently hold the plastic bags while Ginger scoops in the various ingredients of our homemade breakfast cereal. Somehow $50 for breakfast cereal (not to mention the hernia inducing weight) seems a bit over the top. However, …

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Carefully framed to remain family friendly, and no, there are no outtakes. Today I’d actually gotten into (well onto) bed before I remembered I’d not taken a picture. So here’s a hurried shot showing the conditions I have to try and sleep in, with the immovable Getzger glued to the bed. The temperatures here have …

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Don’t ask, because I don’t remember.

Time for a ‘Hungry Student’ and lots of coffee. Today we ‘did’ a few yard sales and treated ourselves to breakfast. Today’s alternate shot

A few days ago the van’s AC went on the blink again. This time it’s jammed on, which is better than it not working at all. It blows air even when the fan’s turned off. Google came to the rescue, after some quick tests I paid $80 to the dealer for the new part, and …

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