Breakfast; crispy bacon, eggs, and tomato – Yesterday, Carol gave me two farm-fresh eggs. She said she wished she could be there to see my face when I cracked them.

Ginger knows what I like and what will make me laugh – Ginger went out for lunch with our friend Rebbie today and brought back some goodies.

Color photograph of a bar of Green & Black's organic chocolate.

And then there was one – Ginger treated me to three small bars of Green & Black’s on Monday. Today’s Wednesday, this is the only one left. Its undigested hours are numbered.

English Breakfast – Vacation Day 3 – A hearty breakfast. One-minute read

Welcome Home – Vacation Day 1, Pork Pie

Lanie’s First Knickerbocker Glory – Vacation Day 10 – Lunch & Tea

My son’s friend joined us for lunch. We’ve not seen him since August 2009, when they popped into Springfield on a surprise second visit during their 3 month tour of the US. 2 pictures

Breakfast meal - steak, mushrooms, vegitables topped off with an egg, sunny side up.

Diet – steak, egg and veggies for breakfast – I’ve been spending far too much time at my desk and not enough time out and about. The lack of exercise has taken it toll, and it’s time to start doing something; reduce my weight and get more exercise.

Friday Night Wine and Curry – That’s a chicken Jalfrezi by the look of it. 5 pictures

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