I have a cold (365:333) – and I’m feeling miserable.

Today we drove down to see Carol & Jim (365:323). After dinner we sat around chatting. 3 pictures

That’s all for today folks (365:319)

Working Late (365:282)

This is what results when one accidentally presses the shutter while struggling to get the camera into position (365:261).

365:249 – Lately it seems I’ve been running a lot just to stay in the same place. One-minute read

2 am (365:242) – I was working late. One-minute read

Dressing gown (365:233) – Or robe as the colonials here would have it.

I thought I ought to prove that my camera does have a colour sensor. My recent pictures would indicate otherwise (365:230) – Still playing with new lighting set-ups.

Gary + wall = picture (365:229) – Playing with some new lighting set-ups. 2 pictures

Sometimes there is a huge disparity between how I feel and how I appear to others (365:228) – Wine does help though.

Return (365:144) – Second day at the computer working on websites. The work’s done and posted, as illustrated in today’s photo. All I need is the customer feedback, complete the inevitable changes and then to make it live. I guess I ought to clean my keyboard – this looks disgusting. One-minute read

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