Firebox Nano

Firebox Nano – Put away ready for the next time – My trusty Firebox Nano wood stove.

Mini campfire – I left a full fuel bottle with Ginger, and while I had enough alcohol for dinner and breakfast, I decided to save fuel and get out my Nano Firebox.

Cooking Breakfast – Using my Firebox Nano wood stove to heat water for my breakfast and morning cuppa. 2 pictures

My current backpacking cooking kit. 2 pictures

Preparing dinner – Chicken curry for dinner, the wood stove’s up and running, and if you look closely you’ll see that the campfire’s all ready for lighting once dinner is over. 4 pictures

Hammock camping at Piney Creek, preparing breakfast – It was an interesting night. Not because anything happened, but because of the odd and vivid dreams I had. Two-minute read. 3 pictures

Lunch by Piney Creek and a chance to try out my new chair in the wild – I’ve already spent several hours sitting in my new chair, so I knew it was comfortable. What I didn’t know was how stable it would be out in the woods. 2 pictures

Preparing Breakfast – Day Two. 2 pictures

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