Relaxing (365:307)

Relaxing (365:307)- Tonight we had some rare down time.

Wine and picture editing (365:235)

Wine and picture editing (365:235) – Working on my latest batch of 365 pictures. Once more faux Lomo is used in an attempt to rescue a mediocre picture.

Breakfast at Anton’s (365:155)
Sunday night movie (365:142)

Sunday night movie (365:142) – It was another day of missed photo opportunities and a sobering reminder of the fragility of our existence. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118)

Gary and Ginger in ‘Urban Market’ (365:118) – Ginger returned from the school run with tidings of yard sales, not just any yard sale, but a church yard sale, so off we went. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Dirty Martini (365:114)

Easter Sunday. Up early, church, home, long afternoon nap, computer, and finally, dirty martinis. A sloppy picture deserves a faux Lomo effect.

Breakfast at Aunt Martha’s Pancake House (365:063)

Jim and Carol were in town early today. Last Sunday we drove past Aunt Martha’s coming back from installing the house sign and Jim said he’d never been there. When we learned they had to be in Springfield early today we told then not to eat a hearty breakfast before coming, and took them to…

High School parking lot (365:053)

High School parking lot (365:053) – This cliché Lomo and mirror shot is all I have to offer today.


Two-fifty – Spotted during my wanderings around London.

Accident (366:097)

Accident (366:097) – It took me one and a half hours to get home tonight because of an accident. 2 pictures