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Lots of pictures & Posts! Any post that has pictures or mentions a member of our blended family.

Family Visit

Gary and Ginger — Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Exit planning

Family Barbeque

‘The Field’

Lanie’s Graduation Party Poster

Glendale High School Theater, Senior Recognition

Glendale High School Speech and Debate Trophies and Recognition

Lanie – Senior Recognition


At The Bottom of Lake Missoula – Glendale High School

Lanie in the 1930s Dodge “Humpback” Panel Van at Busiek

Laine wouldn’t get in and pretend to drive

Thanksgiving 2016 – Family Picture

Thanksgiving 2016 – Ginger, Alek, Katie & Lanie

Thanksgiving 2016 – Leaf Fort

Big Fish – The Black & White Selection

Big Fish – Saturday Matinee Performance

Big Fish – Thursday November 17

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception

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