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Family History

Late Night Cleaning and Polishing. I first cleaned these brass ornaments, belonging to my mother when I was 4-5 years old. [3 pictures]

A photograph of the members of Hadham Hall - Form 5T July 1972

A friend posted a mnemonic on Facebook for the sequence of the royal houses of England in chronological order. It reminded me of one my uncle taught me, which in turn reminded me of a couple I learned at school. [2 pictures]

Tonight I went on Facebook and asked my family to think about my end of life plans – specifically what to do with all my personal effects.

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding [12 Pictures]

In one of life’s little coincidences, last night while working on de-cluttering I chanced upon my father’s (rather sparsely populated) sailing logbook. Here’s a page of the Logbook for the Converted 28′ Lifeboat ‘My Grace’ dated July 25, 1952. I see my mother is listed in the crew. Today would have been his 92nd birthday.

Spring Break 2013. Sam and Kat’s wedding, St. Augustine, Florida. [lots of pictures]

At four pm on 20 February 2009 we got married. Here are a small sample of the 800-odd photographs we have of the day.

Now we’re officially engaged, that puts the seal on things, and today we posted the huge pile of papers that makes up my visa application. With current processing times we’re looking at my having my embassy interview sometime in November.

Okay I admit it, this isn’t a special picture in the photographic sense, but it isn’t every day you get engaged.

Decree absolute: Unknown to me at the time, but on this day my Decree absolute was declared.

This was my school from age 4½ to 11. When I joined this was the only building – The school was extended in 1964/’65. Originally there was a huge divider that could be pulled across to split the room in two. The heating was provided by pot bellied coal stoves. I still remember the disgusting …

Hormead Church of England Infant and Junior School Read More »

I’ve not visited my senior school since I left in July 1972 Needless to say, it’s changed. The school closed On Friday 20 July 1990, just a month short of 17 years ago (post written June 22, 2007). It’s now a very up-market housing development. All of the older buildings seem to have survived pretty …

Hadham Hall School Read More »

This morning I told Elaine I wanted a divorce. After the shouting and the tears, I was finally on my own. I mopped up the drink spilled and splattered on the walls when the cup was thrown, and I sat; stunned. Stunned at the reaction, and stunned that I had actually done the thing I’d …

Denouement Read More »

Photograph from the Herts & Essex Observer of Len Thomsett and Steve Allman with their yacht Miga

Packed away in a box under the bed I found this newspaper cutting from 1960. It tells the story of how my father and a work colleague built their own yacht. I’ve also written about some of my early sailing experiences, in particular a couple of attempts at drowning myself.

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