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Family Event

Photograph of Gary Allman and Ginger Allman on their ninth wedding anniversary (2018)

Gary and Ginger — Ninth Wedding Anniversary. Ginger took a ninth wedding anniversary selfie. [1 picture]

Family Barbeque. Blended families produce large extended families. And that’s great! Today we were gathered for a barbeque for Mikki and Kyoka who arrived early this morning from Japan.

No remote shutter release this year, which meant I had to do the 10-second timer dash and hope the picture was okay. I’ve since bought a wireless shutter release which is much better than the infrared one I used with the Nikon.

Ginger asked me to take a picture of her and the kids, so here’s my wonderful wife with Alek, Katie, and Lanie.

Matt raked up the leaves and the kids decided to make a leaf fort from the pile.

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception [31 Pictures]

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding [12 Pictures]

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White [34 Pictures]

Mike and Diffi’s wedding rehearsal. [12 Pictures]

Busy Lanie’s Birthday Lanie is in the middle of a very busy week. The play she is in was put back by snow days. So, for her birthday, she’s been at school all day and then spent the evening at rehearsals. Now at 9:00 p.m. it is finally time for some birthday cake.

Vacation Day 26 – Family Curry, winding down and getting ready to head back home One final curry before we pack our bags and head back to Missouri in a couple of days time. It was great that our honorary brother Neil could make it, he’d been away most of the month.

Spring Break 2013. Sam and Kat’s wedding, St. Augustine, Florida. [lots of pictures]

We spent the day at Matt and Betsy’s Ginger’s aunt Susan asked if I’d take some family pictures – I’m glad I did. Taking these pictures didn’t go without problems. These are all part of a second set of pictures I took. The first set were all blurred. For some unknown reason the camera had …

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At four pm on 20 February 2009 we got married. Here are a small sample of the 800-odd photographs we have of the day.

Pictures of the Allman Family playing on a games console

Robert has moved into his own place After a week’s delay, Friday night saw Robert borrowing my car to finally move out of the family home and into his own flat. Today Ian, Marcelle, and I got an invitation to visit. It is a super little place, completely refurbished, nicely finished and with everything he …

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