Night, night, Tubby

Night, night, Tubby – Today we helped Tubby cross over the ‘Rainbow Bridge.’ It’s amazing how these little furry people manage to worm their way into our hearts. Even irritating ones like the Tubbmiester. Tubbs was the last man standing of our four cats and managed to see in eighteen years. One-minute read, 3 pictures

Sweet Dreams Blue Kitty

Sweet Dreams Blue Kitty – Today we said goodbye to Blue Kitty. Two-minute read, 4 pictures

Sweet Dreams Sprinky

Sweet Dreams Sprinky – Today we said goodbye to Sprinkles.

Gary and Ginger — Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Gary and Ginger – Ninth Wedding Anniversary. Ginger took a ninth wedding anniversary selfie.

Family Barbeque

Family Barbeque. Blended families produce large extended families. And that’s great! Today we were gathered for a barbeque for Mikki and Kyoka who arrived early this morning from Japan.

Lanie’s Graduation Party Poster

Lanie’s Graduation Party Poster.


Photobooks – a photobook of my grandson, and another of my sister’s wedding.

Sweet Dreams Getzger

Sweet dreams Getzger. Goodbye Mr. Cat.

Thanksgiving 2016 – Family Picture

Thanksgiving 2016 – Family Picture. No remote shutter release this year, which meant I had to do the 10-second timer dash and hope the picture was okay. I’ve since bought a wireless shutter release which is much better than the infrared one I used with the Nikon. +1

Thanksgiving 2016 – Ginger, Alek, Lanie, & Katie

Ginger asked me to take a picture of her and the kids, so here’s my wonderful wife with Alek, Lanie, and Katie. 3 pictures

Thanksgiving 2016 – Leaf Fort

Matt raked up the leaves and the kids decided to make a leaf fort from the pile.

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – The Reception +30

Mike & Diffi’s Wedding – The Wedding

Mike & Diffi’s Steam Punk Wedding + 11

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White

Mike and Diffi’s Wedding – in Black and White 34 Pictures

Mike & Diffi’s Wedding – The Rehearsal

Mike and Diffi’s wedding rehearsal. 12 pictures

We’re On Our Way to England

We’re On Our Way to England – And we’ll be staying a month. It’s going to be busy as Ginger has a lot of work lined up. We’ll be traveling a lot, and I plan to get in some hiking, we’ll see how that goes. 2 pictures

Clue: The Musical

Clue: The Musical – Tonight we watched Lanie play Miss Scarlet 8 Pictures

High School Prom

High School Prom – Lanie asked me to take some High School Prom pictures of her and some friends. They picked the location – the old mill in Fair Grove, MO.37 pictures

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance – What a great job they did! Photo Album: +37

Lanie’s Birthday

Busy Lanie’s Birthday Lanie is in the middle of a very busy week. The play she is in was put back by snow days. So, for her birthday, she’s been at school all day and then spent the evening at rehearsals. Now at 9:00 p.m. it is finally time for some birthday cake.

Guess where we are going…

Guess where we are going… – Now my grandson has arrived and Lanie’s been told, it’s safe to let everyone know that we’ll be going to the UK in June.

It’s Lanie’s Birthday

It’s Lanie’s Birthday – Today we celebrated Lanie’s birthday, and told her we are taking her with us to England. 6 pictures

Happy Birthday Ezekiel – “Zeke”

Happy Birthday Ezekiel – “Zeke” -welcome to the newest arrival to the family, a new cousin, Ezekiel born in the early hours of this morning. 7 pictures

Sam and Kat’s Wedding

Spring Break 2013. Sam and Kat’s wedding, St. Augustine, Florida. 190 pictures

Thanksgiving day with the family (365:328)

Thanksgiving day with the family (365:328) – We spent the day at Matt and Betsy’s. Ginger’s aunt Susan asked if I’d take some family pictures – I’m glad I did. Two-minute read, 3 pictures