Fall color

Fall color on the Pilot Trail (heading east) – Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Hercules Glades Wilderness from the Pole Hollow Trail – Looking east. Two-minute read, +1

On the Devil’s Den East (Upper Pilot) Trail. Hercules Glades Wilderness – The Devil’s Den East (Upper Pilot) Trail joins the Pilot (Tower) and Rock Spring (Long Creek) Trails. Arriving at the Rock Spring Trail at what we’ve dubbed ‘Sheep Frog Pond.’

Fall Trail – Heading west on the Pilot (Tower) Trail. Hercules Glades Wilderness.

Decay. It’s been a wonderful fall this year.

The Fallen.

Fall 2020. +3

Empty Parking Lot – The empty parking lot probably says more about the weather than I can.

Follow the trail – Nearly finished, just one last climb up to the trailhead left. Hercules Glades Wilderness – Day Three. 2 pictures

When is a trail not a trail? When I think I’m on the trail and I’m not. At least I realized my error before I was too far off course. Two-minute read

The gate at the end of the trail – It’s exactly what I imagined, but still a bit of a letdown. No pot of gold or welcoming streamers. I can, at least, say I’ve hiked the entire length of the Pilot (Tower) Trail now. 2 pictures

Fall at the far end of the Pilot Trail – On a whim, I changed my plans and decided to venture into uncharted territory and hike down to the end of the trail. One-minute read, 2 pictures

View to the east – One thing I’ve learned is that little things that shouldn’t be in the wilderness are frequently signs that lead to interesting discoveries. One-minute read

Fall color on the Pilot Trail – It’s Friday, it’s two-thirty in the afternoon, and I’m giving myself a well-earned break out in nature. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Fall In The Forest – Hercules Glades. 3 pictures

Red aumn (Fall) leaf on a background of yellow leaves

Flying – I love how this leaf looks like it is spreading its wings and is about to fly.

Photograph of a sweet Potato Chip looking very much like a fall leaf.

In honor of the season, it’s a Fall Sweet Potato Chip.

Fall leaves on the ground featuring a single red leaf.

Today I was reminded of a lesson. The lesson is more than adequately summed up in the old adage: “Pride comes before a fall…”

wind-blown snow on the ground with fall leaves

Last night it dropped to 3°F (-16°C) and we had a light dusting of snow. Needless to say, I had no inclination to go out taking pictures this morning. This afternoon, once the temperature had crept up above 10°, I ventured out for a few quick shots.

Our Sweet Gum Tree Still Has It’s Leaves – Which is a nuisance, as it is pointless raking up the leaves in the yard until all the trees are done shedding. 2 pictures

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