Everyday Carry

Leatherman Skeletool CX multi tool with original box (color photograph)

Leatherman Skeletool CX – My new everyday carry knife / multi tool.

Photograph of a Buck 110 Knife, A Swiss Navy Knife and a Milwaukee Fastback Knife

Function vs Form – Knives – When I first wrote a few thoughts about Function vs Form I used my lighters as an example. This time I’ve been pondering over the knives I’ve been using for the past 30-odd years. Five-minute read

Photograph of a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm compact handgun

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm – Taken for no particular reason except I wanted to take a picture and didn’t have anything else to hand that would fit on my desk that was vaguely photogenic.

Photograph of a leather bound journal and Pilot metropolitan fountain pen

I’ve just built a lightbox/photography area into a closet in Ginger’s studio. We’ve also bought some new LED lights and this was a quick first test with just two of the lights operating. It looks like it is going to work. We are going to have to get some black card for the walls to …

Lighting Test – Journal and Pilot Metropolitan Pen Read More »

Photograph of a Ronson, Zippo and Bic Lighter

Function vs Form – This is one of those odd conundrums that often troubles me. When form and function meet and reinforce each other, I don’t have a problem. Examples of this are my current camera, my Swiss Navy knife, and dare I say it, my Beretta. However, when form and function diverge and do not reinforce each other I have big issues choosing between a product with elegant aesthetic design and its functionality. In some cases the tension this causes for me is tangible and on-going. Five-minute read, 6 pictures

Photograph of a loose fitting Seiko Diver's Watch

I say it is because I’ve lost weight. My wonderful wife says I’m retaining less water. I prefer my version.

Photograph of an aluminium The Ridge Wallet on a leather journal

The Ridge Wallet and Journal – The Ridge Wallet, holding nine cards, with eight bills in the billfold and my work / personal journal. Five-minute read, 3 pictures

Photograph showing the Ridge Wallet Silver Aluminium Finish

The Ridge Wallet – My minimalist wallet for everyday use. Three-minute read, 4 pictures

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm semiautomatic handgun in a BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Appliqué Finish Concealment Holster

Open Carry and Concealed Carry Holsters – A quick look at my current holsters plus some thoughts on handgun ownership. Eight-minute read, 5 pictures

My Homemade 'Faux Dori' Journal

My Homemade ‘Faux Dori’ Journal – This is my ‘Every Day Carry’ journal. I made it small enough to go everywhere with me. It fits in (most of) my pants’ pockets. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Photograph of a Swiss Navy Knife

Swiss Navy Knife – Yesterday I was unable to enter a building because I was carrying this knife.

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