EfM – Education for Ministry. Not to be mixed up with Seminary, I have not been studying to become a deacon or a priest (Though I did try to convince my Buddhist uncle that that might be the case). It’s a fairly intensive part-time course. 3 hours a week in class and 2-4 hours a week studying. The course lasts four years, and runs for nine months each year. The course is intended to prepare one for working in the various ministries of the Church. It was an excellent experience, and now it is over I miss it.

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry – I needed a stock picture to illustrate an article. I couldn’t find one I liked, so I threw this together.

EFM Graduation

EFM Graduation – Today saw the end of my four years of study. +12

John and Kris Graduate from EfM

John and Kris Graduate from EfM – Today I got to see my friends John and Kris receive their EfM certificates. Four years, all done. 2 pictures

EFM Retreat

EFM Retreat – I’ve now finished my third year of EfM – Education for Ministry. Ministry in this context refers to service, not as many of my UK friends and family thought, ordination. Two-minute read, 2 pictures

Checking my lesson (365:349)

Ginger dropped me off early at church tonight. I used the extra time to sit in the classroom and go over my coursework.

Studying (365:313)

Studying (365:313) – I’m now well into year two of my EfM course.

Studying again (365:258)

Studying again (365:258) – The second year of my EFM course starts tonight. 2 pictures

Staring into space (365:255)

Staring into space (365:255) – I do a lot of mental staring into space, not so much actually gazing into the distance though. I’m having a bit of a mope at the moment. No real reason, just a minor self-pity fest. I’ll shake it off quite quickly. One-minute read

Studying in the back yard (365:137)

Studying in the back yard (365:137) – The yard needs to be mowed, we’ll have to get a kid on to it. I had a quiet day studying. It’s my final class for this academic year on Thursday. Lots of reading has been done, just the course notes to read and exercise to get out of the way and I’m finished.

EFM Retreat (365:127)

EFM Retreat (365:127) – This week’s EFM class was held on a Saturday,so we got out of the classroom and spent the day in a cabin by the river. It was very nice to sit in the screened porch going through the lessons and exercises; a day of good company, conversation, discussions, food, and coffee. One-minute read

Studying with cats (365:126)

Studying with cats (365:126) – This week I did my studying on a Friday. One-minute read, 3 pictures

My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097)

My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097) – Thursday keeps on coming around every week.

Parallel Guide (365:090)

Parallel Guide (365:090)

Thursday (365:055)

Thursday (365:055) – My day might have been simpler if I’d studied the right lesson in the first place.

Thursday studies (365:041)

Thursday studies (365:041) – School run this morning. Yay! -7°F (-22°C) Brrrrr! Tank of gas $52 Grrrrrr! 2 pictures

Coursework (365:005)

Coursework (365:005) – I’ve two lots of coursework to do before tomorrow evening’s class.