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EfM – Education for Ministry. Not to be mixed up with Seminary, I have not been studying to become a deacon or a priest (Though I did try to convince my Buddhist uncle that that might be the case). It’s a fairly intensive part-time course. 3 hours a week in class and 2-4 hours a week studying. The course lasts four years, and runs for nine months each year. The course is intended to prepare one for working in the various ministries of the Church. It was an excellent experience, and now it is over I miss it.

EFM Graduation

John and Kris Graduate from EfM

EFM Retreat

Checking my lesson (365:349)


Thursday Evening (365:265)

Studying again (365:258)

Staring into space

Studying in the back yard (365:137)

EFM Retreat (365:127)

Studying with cats (365:126)

Hair cut (365:104)

My once a week ‘Studying’ picture (365:097)

Parallel Guide (365:090)

Thursday (365:055)

Thursday studies (365:041)

Coursework (365:005)

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