Tedious (365:251) – This 365 days project is a bit tedious at the moment.

Late at night sitting on my brother’s kitchen floor (365:191) – UK June 2011 – Day 26. Last week we were Scottish Episcopalians, this week we reverted to CofE, and made a final visit to St Margaret’s. Where (if you’ve been paying attention) I was Christened, as were my two sons, and my brother. I and my brother got married there, and both my parents’ funerals were held there. Two-minute read, 3 pictures

Gary and Ginger at the Tate Modern (365:172).

Gary crossing Woods Fork at Busiek (365:069) – Time for another hike. We’re getting ready for a longer backpacking trip, so we need to get in as much hiking as we can in preparation for several days of carrying our packs. One-minute read, 6 pictures

Lunch at Busiek (365:066) – Today we went on a re-run of last week’s hike at Busiek. +4

It’s amazing how quickly I forget what we did on any given day. Which is all the more reason to keep up this photographic record going. We definitely went to WalMart, because I have pictures. Much to Ginger’s disgust I started trying to take an SP in what she subsequently described as ‘the busiest aisle …

I’ve found another wall (365:062) Read More »

Today was a quiet day. Which is another way of saying I can’t really remember what we did. I spent the day in general pottering around, recovering and processing pictures from yesterday’s hike. We went to Youth Group and KfC in the evening. I held out taking a picture with the plan of getting one …

At the end of the day (365:061) Read More »

Day hike – with creeks (365:060). 8 pictures

A final check before closing my machine for the day by Gary Allman

A final check before closing my machine for the day (365:059). One-minute read, 2 pictures

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