Making things and general household maintenance.

Gary takes a break from other duties to repair the washing machine (365:206).

Clearing up the workshop (365:138) –

Black and white photograph of Gary Allman using a nail gun to rpair a kitchen drawer.

Repairing a kitchen drawer – Today I repaired a kitchen drawer and in the process learned two valuable safety lessons.

Drilling in the workshop (365: 28) – Today I spent some time in the workshop. 3 pictures

No doubt Getzger is looking for snakes (don’t tell him but we found one in here when we cleared the garage out). Here’s how the work progressed … One-minute read, 4 pictures

Today I made a start on the new shelves for the garage.

Another pile of wood means… The start of Stage III of the Garage Remodel. We have to replace the window and frame too.

My new shelves all finished. 3 pictures

End of Day One – Almost Finished. 3 Pictures

Garage Project – Stage II. More shopping for lumber.

Photograph of Gary Allman working on a DYI project at his workbench in Springfield Missouri

Honey-do List – This week I’ve been working on my ‘Honey-do’ list and managed to cross off four items: Fitted a new front door, replaced the broken light switch in the kitchen and replaced the light fitting in Alek’s room. This afternoon saw me working on the fourth project. One-minute read

Tra-la! – The almost completed workbench, Just the pegboard, and some more shelves to add and it is finished. 4 pictures

Glued and screwed – and checking if the bench legs fit as planned – they did. 2 pictures

Getting Ready for Gluing.

Space is a bit tight – Here’s the bench laid out on the garage floor just so I can check it all fits. I’ve just got the legs for the benchtop to make now, and then it has all got to be assembled. The wall has to be painted before we can put it up too. Ginger is helping out by fixing the wall and painting it.

Building the workbench – The first thing I had to do was make a workbench so I could build the workbench. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Cleared up, ready to start – Here’s the garage with the west wall cleared ready for prepping and painting, and lots of room for me to be working in making the workbench.

Shopping at Lowes – This morning we went to Lowes to get the stuff needed to build the new workbench. Though of course, nothing is that simple. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Workbench Project – When we bought the minivan it became obvious that the garage would need reorganizing as it is a very tight fit. It’s almost impossible to get at any tools while the van is in the garage. 2 pictures

Cleaning out the garage – Now we’ve got it clean we have to formulate plans for putting in the workshop and more storage. 3 pictures

Running Repairs: dispelling a common myth – While checking the circuit for problems I was able to dispel a common myth. The US mains voltage is not 110 volts and hasn’t been since the 1950’s. One-minute read, 2 pictures

Mopping the floor – Isn’t this how everyone mops the floor? Getting rid of the dust after the new front door was installed.

A quick break (365: 118) – Chasing out for the electrics, I took a quick break for today’s picture.

Moved in – With all the remaining untouched rooms in the house being decorated, I was not going to be able to keep an inside workshop, so I’ve moved my workbench and tools out into my first ever shed. Not only am I having to move my workbench, but all my store of DIY and hobby goodies, timber, cable, old electronics. So I have a second shed for stores. Packing all the stuff away I discover what I call ‘my favourite rope’. One-minute read, 4 pictures

Break (365: 90) – Work on renovating the hall has begun. Today we took down the ceilings on the middle and ground landings and my work room. we also took out the wall between the landing and my work room.

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